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Thanks, Shannon, for agreeing to be part of the fun.

Without further delay presenting Shannon's

Halloween Interview & Flash Fiction Challenge

      1.  You're born on Halloween and have the ghostly evil super powers of one of the following: The Ghost from Poltergeist, The Frankenstein Monster, The Mummy, The most Evil of Witches, The Devil himself, Freddy Kruger, Pumpkin Head, Michael from Halloween, or Jason from Friday the 13th. Alternatively, if you prefer, pick one of your own. Otherwise, tell us which one you would choose and why? No friendly ghosts allowed! You're to wreak havoc in this scenario!

I’d go with Freddy. What could be more powerful than invading someone’s dreams? You can’t fight sleep forever. 1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…

      2.  The Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur this Halloween and for 48 hours, the world is thrown into chaos. Live through it and consider yourself lucky, you've been warned. What is your first step, especially as no one else knows or believes you? Do you leave family behind and seek shelter to ride it out, or do you try to save your family? How and why?

Let’s see. My family doesn’t believe me? They should know better by now. ;) I’d encourage them to come up to the mountains with me “for vacation.” I’d have to pack, of course. They wouldn’t understand why there were weapons, wood, nails, and hand tools in addition to the food, water, and first aid items. We’d need to be able to defend ourselves and cover up those doors and windows.

     3. Because of the time of your birth, (see the 1st question) the angels have decided to forgive your sins and are offering to remedy one evil that now exists in the world, but only one! Which would you choose and why?

Harm against the defenseless. The young, the elderly, the disabled. I hate harm coming to anyone (except the Big Bads, of course), but especially those who are least able to protect themselves.

     4. Why is Halloween a favorite holiday, or not a favorite, and if it isn't why did you participate in this query? Come on; tell us your biggest most secret Halloween fantasy!

I’ve always loved Halloween. Part of it is my love of the fall. The crisp, cool air, fall leaves, pumpkins. Plus, I love the night. I’m an insomniac, and this is the one time of year where people wait until night time to go out and celebrate something. That means, just for that one day, everyone’s on my schedule instead of expecting me to be on theirs. It’s also not a holiday that demands you go out and buy gifts for someone, and it’s far less stressful than the hoopla around Christmas. Halloween is all about fun, and the energy that surrounds it is infectious.

Then you have the extras. Horror programming on TV, movie releases. It’s the only time of year everyone enjoys the dark and scary alongside me.

Also, chocolate…

     Now the fun part: Finish the story. I've given you the first 100 words. Provide us with the rest, but please hold the number to 750 words or less. The winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. The contest will be judged by another lover of the horror genre, the person to be announced later. The winner will be posted no later than a week after Halloween!


Jerry sauntered along Desperation Holler Road that earlier echoed with the excited shouts of ghosts and ghouls as the children scrambled from house to house in colorful and frightening costumes.
Dusk dissolved into the blackest of nights as the little monsters disappeared into the shelter of the brightly lit houses with their chocolate goodies.

Jerry smiled, even suppressed laughter, because he knew there was no refuge, not in Desperation Holler on this most evil of Halloweens.

Concealed by the dark limbs of deformed trees and invasive ivy, the innocuous little cabin looked abandoned, but Jerry knew better. 

The witches abode . . .

The witch’s abode smelled of rot, with a hint of wild onion and mint. Jerry stepped carefully over the ivy on the steps, one cool, slick tendril gripping his ankle before pulling free. He pushed open the sagging door, surprised at the lack of a rusty creak.

“Izabetta?” he called.


Shaking his head at the dramatic voice, he shut the door behind him and walked down the hallway, taking in the polished wood and immaculate condition of the inside of the house. No one trying to peer through the intentionally filthy glass panes out front would ever guess the inside looked so nice.

He found her standing at the stove, her honey blond hair curling down her back. She wore jeans and a black t-shirt, hips swaying to the sounds of jazz drifting out of a small radio on the counter.

“Have you begun the spell?” he asked.

“Doing it right now.”

He looked around. “I don’t see a cauldron.”

She whirled to look at him. “Are you kidding me?”

“No. I don’t know witch rules. I’m a fantasy geek.” He pointed to his Lord of the Rings shirt. “Aren’t all spells done in a cauldron?”

She turned back to the stove and stirred something in a pot for a moment before asking, “How long have we known each other?”

“I imagine you’re going to say ‘long enough’.”

“Right. I’m not some wicked witch out of a movie. There are no cauldrons. I’ve got an orange tom cat with a torn ear, not a touch of black on him.” The microwave beeped, and she went over to it, removing a blue plastic container with steam rising from it. “Oh, and I don’t have any warts.”

Jerry wrinkled his nose at the stench coming from the container. “What’s in that?”

“Oh, you know, a little eye of newt, toe of wolf, yadda, yadda.” She waltzed to the stove, pouring the contents of the microwaved container into the pot. A puff of smoke wafted up then sucked back down into it.

“I can tell you’re kidding.”

She shot him a look over her shoulder, wiggled her hips one more time, and reached into her pocket, pulling out a tiny plastic packet. He watched as she tilted it over her hand and dumped something into it. He couldn’t see anything, but she held it up to her nose, took a deep breath, then opened her hand over the pot.

Instantly, the viscous liquid in the pot began to bubble. Steam filled the room. Jerry coughed as the thickened air crawled into his throat and tickled his lungs. When it cleared, the pot was empty.

“What now?” he asked.

“Now? We wait for them to rise. This is a Halloween this town will never forget.”
Outside, a rumbling began. The house shook. A loud crack sounded, and Jerry nearly lost his footing.

A fat orange tom cat entered the room, strode over to Izabetta, and wrapped itself through her legs. She reached down to pick him up. Straightening, she looked at Jerry.

“You’re first,” she said with a smile.

“I’m wha--?”

Something grabbed him from behind with an icy cold grip. He could feel his skin tearing where it held. Pain filled his head, as if his insides were being sucked through his ears. Tunnel vision narrowed his sight.
Izabetta sauntered up to him, watching as he tried to fight back. 

“One soul to lead them all,” she said. “I figure you of all people can appreciate that.”

Nothing like dying to a bad pun, he thought, as everything went black.

So cool, Shannon!

Poor Jerry's had another bad day! :)

Thank you so much for participating!

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When she's not writing, she's hiking through the wilds of Colorado and photographing her magnificent surroundings. Though she often misses the ocean, the majestic and rugged Rockies are a sight she could never part with. Besides, in Colorado there's always a place to hide a body or birth a monster. What more could she ask for?

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  1. I'd go with Freddy Kruger too. I don't usually get scared at horror films but there's something about someone invading your dreams...

    1. Hi Alistair, I agree, very creepy. I already have nightmares that keep me from sleep!

    2. There's just something about someone getting to me through my dreams that freaks me out.

  2. Reet! Reet!! Reet!!! Good story :)

    1. Ha, ha, DeAnna, yes, wasn't it! So cool!

    2. Ha! A little Psycho soundtrack to go along with the story.

  3. Awesome! Loved that story. Freddy is freaky. Those horror movies were my favorite. And cool that we had very similar wishes from the angels. :)

    1. Hi Christine, you're braver than me, I saw the first one, but refused to see the rest. Too frightening! :)

    2. Yes! I was going to comment something about our answers being similar when I commented on your post, but figured I shouldn't be giving things away ahead of time.

  4. Freddy coming for me would not be fun. A good way for you to go to the mountains and gather everyone.

    1. No, Freddy is a bad, bad man. To go into the mountains, I'd have to get a van.

  5. Vacation would be a great way to trick them. Fortunately, I'm much bigger than my wife, and I'd just toss her over my shoulder and force her to leave with me.

    1. He man Alex to the rescue! LOL I'm sure your wife will appreciate it!

    2. Haha, I am definitely not bigger than my husband. I suppose I could try to throw him over my shoulder...

  6. What a great story. Poor Jerry!!
    I have to admit I got creeped out just reading the "One, two, Freddy's coming for you" line. That whole jump rope thing has always scared the hell out of me LOL.

    1. Hi Julie, yes, poor Jerry! LOL
      Not a fan of Freddy either, he's one scary dude!

    2. That whole Freddy jump rope rhyme is freaky. I memorized it back in middle school. What does that say about me?

  7. Great story! I agree that Halloween is definitely the most fun holiday.

    1. Hi Nick, I love Halloween, even though I avoid the most scary, I still love the fun of it!

    2. It's just so carefree compared to other holidays!

  8. My youngest brother was born on Halloween, but no super powers that I know of. I'm with you on the entering the dream space of others. I'm fascinated by my own dreams and it would be interesting to visit and explore the dreams of others.

    I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. I was in the Halloween industry for about 18 years and I was always so busy prior to the actual day that Halloween itself was kind of a downer especially after my kids all got older and didn't need me to go trick-or-treating with them. Now I just try to ignore Halloween. I turn off my lights and block the front door. Yeah, I've become kind of a Halloween scrooge.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I went through a year of Halloween Scrooginess, but I bounced back. ;) I've only got a couple more years before both kids are ToT'ing on their own. But when they're older, I'll probably turn out the lights and hide inside watching horror movies instead of giving out candy.

  9. Fancy being born on Halloween! Well, one of my brothers is, but as we don't have Halloween in Oz, I'd never thought about it. I enjoyed Shannon's visit here today Yolanda. I can now picture her in her dungeon with her minions around her, tapping out a terrifying tale, or is she writing on parchment with a blood-dipped quill?

    1. I should definitely take up blood on parchment. I've always wanted to write with a quill. I figure that desire wouldn't last long once I tried it, so I keep it as a desire instead of ruining it.

  10. Good One Shannon!!!!! Poor Jerry. He's been through a lot this Halloween....!!!!

  11. I LOVE me some Shannon!! And we definitely love this time of the season for the same reasons! Fantastic writing by the way :)

    1. Thank you! It's such a warm, spicy, comfy, cozy time of year.

  12. We don't really go all out for Hallowe'en this side of the globe...
    Anyway, when it comes to horror, I'm such a scaredy cat. I'm the one with a pillow blocking my face if a horror movie is on TV. Or I just excuse myself from the company.
    I'd jump at my own shadow!! LOL
    It's such a great piece, Shannon!
    "...eye of newt, toe of wolf,..." *shivers*
    Fortunately I'm reading this in the cold light of day! Ha!

    1. Do you guys have an alternative to Halloween, or it's just not a big deal?

  13. These are fun. So, Freddie is spooky, but I might go for the witch myself. Great story too!

    1. It looks like most people go for the witch. Hm, scary witches. Noted.

  14. Covering the doors and windows is a must in a zombie apocalypse. You could tell your family the wood and tools are for a project. ;)

    1. That's true. I'll tell them my husband has a project since he's handy.

  15. Covering the doors and windows is a must in a zombie apocalypse. You could tell your family the wood and tools are for a project. ;)


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