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Thank you, to all the wonderful writers who participated in my Halloween Interview and Flash Fiction Challenge. I enjoyed reading all the interview answers, and gaining insight into each author's horror background and Halloween secrets.

But my favorite part was the flash fiction challenge that required them to use the same 100 word begining to write their stories. They then took the character of Jerry and gave us a Halloween tale of horrific dimensions, and Jerry found himself in hot water quite a few times. Thank you, for your excellent flashes!

Thom Futrell, author of Empty Graves made Jerry an Arch Bishop, did that save him from the evil of the night?

Christine Rains, the author Of Blood & Sorrow had Jerry's mother, a truly evil witch needing a soul to release the fiends of Halloween. Would Jerry escape her clutches?

Julia Press Simmons, author of The Bloody Mary Coven made Jerry an avenging angel, and he fought evil with a smile, and I think a cigarette in his mouth, but did he succeed?

Shannon Lawrence the author of The Blue Mist insisted Jerry was the "one soul to lead them all." What did she mean by that?

Cathrina Constantine author of Don't Forget to Breathe had Jerry ready to take his revenge on the witches, but did he succeed?

DeAnna Knippling, author of Alice's Adventures in Underland had a treasure hunting Jerry descending into the darkest of basements. Did he find his treasure?

Tara Tyler, author of Simulation had Jerry planning vengeance on the witches using all the rules, but did following the rules work in his favor?

Nancy Lynn Jarvis, author of The Widow's Walk League had Jerry providing the children for the witches pies, and fulfilling her deepest desire for mincemeat pie.

Ann M. Noser author of Dead GirlRunning had Jerry trying to turn his witch of a sister straight, but was she willing?

A special thank you to Walter P. Honsinger who sent a ghostly tale, The Tomb, based on a true story. The Tomb is set in New Orleans and a graveyard where the characters spent the night during a Voodoo ritual.

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Today I'm also excited to introduce editor, Wendy Ely. The judge for my Halloween flash fiction contest. I knew I couldn't choose a winner, I loved them all, but Wendy volunteered and I was delighted. I met Wendy on Facebook and she's done a beautiful job on several of my writing projects.  Thanks, Wendy!

Wendy started her writing and editing career in January of 2008. Since the start of her career, her passion for the craft has only grown stronger. Not only does she have the drive to perfect her own books she wants to help other busy authors as well. She has several years of freelance editing experience, and recently attended advanced grammar classes in college. Wendy has extensively studied the craft of writing, and is a USA Today bestselling author.

Wendy feels she succeeds when her client succeeds. And claims that editing should be as creative and as enjoyable as possible. Her goal is to provide fast, friendly, and efficient service while working with her clients. 

I can attest to her speed!

She also knows that no author is the same, so she'll tailor an editing plan specifically to you. Wendy uses her passion for the craft along with her education to give all her clients the best editing experience that she can.

I highly recommend Wendy's services!

Check out her website
or send her an email:

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And now without further delay

the winners of the

2015 Halloween Flash Fiction Contest are:

1st place & the winner of a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Shannon Lawrence

The Blue Mist

Wendy says, "The author used great imagery in her writing. It had a great mixture of humorous dialogue and an interesting twist."


2nd place & the winner of a $7 Amazon Gift Card

Thom Futrell

Empty Graves

Wendy said, "The story flow was well done. It kept me entertained and the ending was a shock."


3rd place & the winner of a $5 Amazon Gift Card

Christine Rains

 Of Blood & Sorrow

Wendy said your piece showed, "Clever writing and was enjoyable!"


For all authors who participated Wendy is kindly
offering a discount on her editing services –
$25 off any manuscript over 100 pages.





  1. Congrats to the winners. Have a spooktacular weekend.

  2. Yay, thank you! Congratulations to Thom and Christine!

  3. Congratulations to Shannon and Thom! And thank you so much. I can't wait to see what you bring out from the wicked dark next Halloween, Yolanda! :) Happy Halloween!

  4. Congratulations to the winners. I will have to go read these, I missed a lot due to medical stuff going on.

  5. Congratulations to all three winners!

  6. Congratulations!!!!! I was lots of fun!!!!

  7. Congrats to the winners. Was fun indeed at your feed.

  8. That was a pretty epic writing series. Congratulations to the winners as well as all the participants for displaying so much creativity.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  9. Congratulations to all the winners... and to all the participants. They all did a boo-tiful job. So did you, ghoul friend. It was very cool of you to sponsor the whole thing.

    Happy Halloween!

  10. Congratulations to the winners! I really enjoyed reading the stories - this has been a fun month. Happy Halloween, Yolanda!


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