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Thanks, Julia, for agreeing to be part of the fun.

Without further ado presenting Julia's

Halloween Interview & Flash Fiction Challenge

1.  You're born on Halloween and have the ghostly evil super powers of one of the following: The Ghost from Poltergeist, The Frankenstein Monster, The Mummy, The most Evil of Witches, The Devil himself, Freddy Kruger, Pumpkin Head, Michael from Halloween, or Jason from Friday the 13th. Alternatively, if you prefer, pick one of your own. Otherwise, tell us which one you would choose and why? No friendly ghosts allowed! You're to wreak havoc in this scenario!
“My name is Marana I am the vampire regent of The First clan of The First Men. You may know me as Bloody Mary. Marana smiled. You may have unknowingly had a drink in my honor.” She ran her sharp black nails down the throat of the crying man kneeling before her. She pricked the nape of his neck, and then bent over to lick the blood that sprouted there.  “I was turned on All Hallows’ Eve two thousand years ago by a weak twaddle of a vamp named David. He had designs on ruling The First Clan. He sought to turn as many people in to succubus as he could in order to overthrow the former regent. He was my first kill.”
The line of newly turned vampires writhed with excitement from seeing the blood of the weeping man. Their fangs descended and their eyes morphed into reptilian slits, but their fear of Marana kept them in place.
Marana wrapped her hand around her prey’s neck and lifted him off  his feet. She turned to the newborn vampires. “David's plan was sound, but his ambitions were paltry. Why seek to rule a clan when you can rule the world?” She threw the man at the feet of her newborns, and launched herself into the air. *Feed now, my children, you will need all the strength you can muster in the days ahead.*


2.  The Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur this Halloween and for 48 hours, the world is thrown into chaos. Live through it and consider yourself lucky, you've been warned. What is your first step, especially as no one else knows or believes you? Do you leave family behind and seek shelter to ride it out, or do you try to save your family? How and why?
I’ve actually played the Zombie apocalypse scenario in my head many, many times. (I’m a huge Walking Dead fan) If it actually goes down this Halloween I would definitely save my family, all of my family. Some would be saved because I love them dearly and others will be used as zombie fodder. I will accomplish this by using all of the techniques I’ve learned from Rick and Darrel from the show.
3.  Why is Halloween a favorite holiday, or not a favorite, and if it isn't why did you participate in this query? Come on; tell us your biggest most secret Halloween fantasy!
Sadly Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but it is in the big three… Christmas, and Thanksgiving being the first two… obviously. Even though All Hallows’ Eve doesn’t take the top spot, it remains near and dear to me wee little heart. I love every stinking thing about it. Costumes and Candy, man, what’s not to love??? And, if you think about it, Halloween is the most generous of holidays. It is the only time that you buy things for complete strangers, and that’s sweet ß Do you see what I did there?
Now the fun part: Finish the story. I've given you the first 100 words. Provide us with the rest, but please hold the number to 750 words or less unless the restriction is just impossible then no more than 1000 words. The winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. The contest will be judged by another lover of the horror genre, the person to be announced later. The winner will be posted no later than a week after Halloween!
Jerry sauntered along Desperation Holler Road that earlier echoed with the excited shouts of ghosts and ghouls as the children scrambled from house to house in colorful and frightening costumes.
Dusk dissolved into the blackest of nights as the little monsters disappeared into the shelter of the brightly lit houses with their chocolate goodies.
Jerry smiled, even suppressed laughter, because he knew there was no refuge, not in Desperation Holler on this most evil of Halloweens.
Concealed by the dark limbs of deformed trees and invasive ivy, the innocuous little cabin looked abandoned, but Jerry knew better. 
The witches abode . . .
He stared at the house in disbelief, pulled a pack of Newports out of his breast pocket, and fished out a smoke. Putting the cigarette in his mouth, he patted all of his pockets for his lighter, and then rolled his eyes when he remembered giving it away to a pretty lady who needed a light.
That’s just great, Jerry, he thought while spitting the cigarette onto the street. You get to face another evil witch without nicotine, caffeine, or whiskey. You’re batting a thousand tonight.
Crossing himself, he murmured a little prayer and then walked towards the witch’s lair.
The front door swung open as he walked up the porch steps. Jerry smirked slightly and pulled his crossbow from his back pack. “Looks like someone is expecting me,” he said softly. He walked in the house slowly raising his bow. “Honey, I’m home,” he shouted as he entered the foyer.
          The lights flickered and died just as the front door slammed and locked behind him. Jerry sighed. This is going to suck, he thought while straining to make out the room he was in.
          “This is no way to treat a slayer,” he shouted into the darkness. “Why don’t you come on out in the open, and take this bow to the heart like a good little witch?”
          A maniacal laugh sliced through the air.
          Jerry raised his bow and took the stairs two at a time, following the sound of the witch’s voice.
          “You are no match for me, slayer.” The witch stepped into the hall, and Jerry stopped dead in his tracks.
She was stunning.
Her skin was as smooth and as delicate as porcelain. Her thick black hair fell in waves to her waist. She wore a blood red gown that hung to the floor, hugged her curves, and showed an impressive amount of cleavage.
Jerry smiled. “Did you get dressed up for me, sweetheart?”
“Time to die, slayer,” She hissed. She threw her hands up in the air and lightning bolts streaked from her fingertips.
Jerry frowned up at the streaks of lightning as they hit the ceiling and ignited into flames. “Now, that is impressive.” He shot an arrow straight at the witch’s heart.
The witch flicked her wrist and sent the arrow sailing back. Jerry swatted it away with his bow. The witch screamed and let the lightning shower down on him. It had no effect.
A slow smile spread across his lips as he watched the realization of what he truly was wash over her. “Your spells don’t work on me, dear,” he said as he took an arrow out of the bow, and rushed her.
She turned away from him, hiked up her skirt, and tried to make a run for it, but he caught her by her hair and yanked her off her feet. She clawed at his hands, but could not break his hold. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she began the ancient incantation to summon a daemon to fight for her.
“Oh, no you don’t, sweetheart” Jerry said. He smashed his fist into her mouth, breaking several of her teeth, and then savagely plunged the arrow in her heart. She grunted once, gripped the arrow sticking out of her chest, and then faded away into nothingness.
Jerry stood up, wiped the sweat off his brow. One down, twelve more to go… 

Meet Julia
I love the written word more than cooked food, and that's saying a lot. I write because I have too (It's the only way to silence the voices). There is always a story going on in my head, so if you see me in public I'll probably be scribbling furiously in a notebook. Strawberry Mansion, my first novel, is semi-autobiographical (I am Tabitha in the story). It was a very painful part of my life that I felt an overwhelming need to give voice to. I've changed a few things to protect the guilty, and to add a bit of distance from myself and the story. I love that book. It's a sort of snapshot of my journey into adulthood. Although the characters are young, it’s filled with adult content, bad language, sex, drugs and rock and roll. You're gonna love it, or at least I hope you will! 
Begonia Brown, my sophomore novel, is street fiction at its finest. I am very proud of this book. It is the hood as I recognize it, minus the glitz and glam... I pushed the envelope with Begonia. I felt free to tell ugly truths, because the book isn't about me, It's about where I come from. Begonia Brown, although it was hard to write, is one helluva ride as is the follow up, Violet Strawberry Mansion 3. My latest novel, Fornication Volume One takes place in the heart of North Philadelphia on a small block in a run-down house. It is the tale of five dangerous women. They are part of an elite prostitution ring that has run its course. I aim to tell you how the ring was broken. What else is there to say about me? I am a mom, a poet, a nurse, a playwright, a scifi geek, a lover of all things fantasy, a junk food junkie, and a facebook addict. until next time Julia

So awesome, Julia!
I can see Hugh Jackman right now, uh, I mean Van Helsing.
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  3. I felt sorry for the witch.

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      For the challenge that is!
      I have plenty of family - I'll share! LOL

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  5. Awesome interview and I loved Jerry the slayer in the story. I learned a lot from Rick and Darryl too. :)

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