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Black Friday - The Snowman - Free


Starting Black Friday, 

November 26th @ midnight

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Crowds had gathered for the annual Halloween party at The Office Bar on Sixth Avenue. The Channel 6 News anchors and their admirers swigged cocktail after cocktail, except Denise Cochran, who still nursed her first drink. A business-like motif of steel, wood and modern furniture inspired sterility, not party fun, but tonight, the place pulsated with life. Denise sipped her Cosmo as her foot tapped to the latest pop music tunes from the live band Heart Stop.

She checked her watch. "Dammit, Steven, where are you?" she muttered.

"What happened? He finally figure out you were only dating him for that juicy murder story?" Kylie asked, slurring her words.

"Nice friend you are. Isn’t that your fifth drink? You’re drunk—start ordering coffee before you embarrass yourself. Steven will be here. You’ll see."

"How long you gonna string this one along? And I’m not drunk, just pleasantly buzzed." She craned her neck and winked. Denise’s gaze followed.

"Sorry I’m late," Steven said and gave Denise a peck on the cheek. "What’d I miss?"

"Nothing." Denise glared at Kylie and quickly led Steven away from her loose-mouthed friend. "What took you so long?"

"Work. It’s been maddening trying to figure out this guy. Was that the friend you’ve been telling me about? Why didn’t you introduce us?"

"Come dance with me. I’ll introduce you later."

She rested her head on his shoulder as the music changed to a slow number. "It’s not snowing yet." She locked eyes with him. "I want your full attention. Later, the Snowman can have it. Much later." She touched his cheek and moved in closer. 

Steven stopped moving. "The Snowman? Please don’t tell me you’ve named him publicly."

"Sorry. It’s going to hit the airwaves tonight. First, the report on the snowstorm, and then speculation on whether another girl will disappear," Denise said.

"Shit! The press is turning this into a three-ring circus. You're giving the bastard just what he wants. The Snowman, really!"


The other books in the series are:

Murder, Madness & Love

 Memories Of Murder

 Murder & Obsession

 Murder, Just Because

A Passion for Murder

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          Light is a fleeting moment in the frozen north that is Alaska. Although the sun shines brightly during the Summer Solstice, Detective Steven Quaid struggles to hold on to what he holds dear during life's darkest moments, his love for family, and professional achievement. Will a murderous stalker, a self-proclaimed Lucifer resurrected, or insidious obsession prove more powerful than this dedicated detective? Six separate life-threatening situations. One determined man.


Saturday, November 20, 2021

I Won with Murder by Proxy now Murder on Mount Fairweather


50,094 words

A typical trip to Seattle turns into a nightmare for Sarah and Steven. He's all the way across the country when he gets the news that her hijacked plane has gone down in the mountains west of Juneau. 

An Airforce Jet can't get him home soon enough. 

But despite his best efforts, the weather has the mountain socked in, and it's isn't letting up. Can he get to the top of Mt. Fairweather in time to save his pregnant wife from the horrors of the Alaskan triangle? 

Will, the man who's the cause of their misery escape justice?


Murder by Proxy

At Merrill Field, Elliott made sure Sarah was safely on board. Then he sat in his vehicle to watch the plane take off. He admired the sleek new look of the Challenger 650. The top-of-the-line jet that Sarah had recently purchased. He looked forward to watching the take-off.

Instead, he was shocked when, just seconds later, bullets began flying. He ducked even though they weren't pointed in his direction.

Elliott witnessed a prisoner, Alex James, the Clean Killer, just recently sentenced to ten life sentences, board Sarah's plane in a hail of bullets. He saw the door close and the plane taxi for take-off as the officers continued shooting while trying to catch a plane that quickly took flight.

Elliott was in shock.

Alex James, though, had made his escape.

Monday, November 1, 2021