Murder, Just Because Book 5

A sadistic killer escapes with one goal in mind, 
murder, and this time it isn’t about the art—it’s 
about revenge.


It was a matter of beginner’s luck, but rookie detective Steven Quaid’s career and reputation as an elite investigator skyrocketed when he captured one of the most sadistic serial killers in Alaskan history: Stowy Jenkins, AKA the Snowman.

But that was ten years ago.

And now… Jenkins is back.

Escaped from prison and on the move, his bloodlust is stronger than ever, and his methods of torture are even more horrifying than before. As his bloody rampage continues and the number of mutilated bodies mounts, terrified Alaskans increasingly doubt Quaid’s ability to catch the killer again.

The detective’s reputation is on the line, and he’s going to need a lot more than luck, because this time, Jenkins is driven by more than the thrill of a random kill. This time, it’s personal. He wants revenge—and his ultimate target is Quaid.

In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, Jenkins starts picking off the people in Quaid’s life—slowly, gradually tightening his circle of corpses—and drawing ever closer to the most important person in Quaid’s life—his wife.

Can Quaid do the impossible again? Can he outmaneuver the killer, or has the detective's luck finally run out?

* ***** *

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