Wednesday, December 1, 2021

WEP - Narcissus

 Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


so beautiful

the first

in everything


inviting our stare

sell everything,

we'll buy it all

just say the word

our souls,

are sold

we want


all that you do

a new dawn

of only your truth

our passion ignited

love blooms

seeds rooted

all for you

the world implodes

selfies explode

the birth

of voyeurism

the death

of normalcy,

lies are truth


our new reality,

an influencer,

must approve

before we believe




for you

we bleed.


© Yolanda Renée 2021

Tagline: Narcissistic led materialism the new golden idol.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Black Friday - The Snowman - Free


Starting Black Friday, 

November 26th @ midnight

to November 30th @ midnight 




Crowds had gathered for the annual Halloween party at The Office Bar on Sixth Avenue. The Channel 6 News anchors and their admirers swigged cocktail after cocktail, except Denise Cochran, who still nursed her first drink. A business-like motif of steel, wood and modern furniture inspired sterility, not party fun, but tonight, the place pulsated with life. Denise sipped her Cosmo as her foot tapped to the latest pop music tunes from the live band Heart Stop.

She checked her watch. "Dammit, Steven, where are you?" she muttered.

"What happened? He finally figure out you were only dating him for that juicy murder story?" Kylie asked, slurring her words.

"Nice friend you are. Isn’t that your fifth drink? You’re drunk—start ordering coffee before you embarrass yourself. Steven will be here. You’ll see."

"How long you gonna string this one along? And I’m not drunk, just pleasantly buzzed." She craned her neck and winked. Denise’s gaze followed.

"Sorry I’m late," Steven said and gave Denise a peck on the cheek. "What’d I miss?"

"Nothing." Denise glared at Kylie and quickly led Steven away from her loose-mouthed friend. "What took you so long?"

"Work. It’s been maddening trying to figure out this guy. Was that the friend you’ve been telling me about? Why didn’t you introduce us?"

"Come dance with me. I’ll introduce you later."

She rested her head on his shoulder as the music changed to a slow number. "It’s not snowing yet." She locked eyes with him. "I want your full attention. Later, the Snowman can have it. Much later." She touched his cheek and moved in closer. 

Steven stopped moving. "The Snowman? Please don’t tell me you’ve named him publicly."

"Sorry. It’s going to hit the airwaves tonight. First, the report on the snowstorm, and then speculation on whether another girl will disappear," Denise said.

"Shit! The press is turning this into a three-ring circus. You're giving the bastard just what he wants. The Snowman, really!"


The other books in the series are:

Murder, Madness & Love

 Memories Of Murder

 Murder & Obsession

 Murder, Just Because

A Passion for Murder

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          Light is a fleeting moment in the frozen north that is Alaska. Although the sun shines brightly during the Summer Solstice, Detective Steven Quaid struggles to hold on to what he holds dear during life's darkest moments, his love for family, and professional achievement. Will a murderous stalker, a self-proclaimed Lucifer resurrected, or insidious obsession prove more powerful than this dedicated detective? Six separate life-threatening situations. One determined man.


Saturday, November 20, 2021

I Won with Murder by Proxy


50,094 words

A typical trip to Seattle turns into a nightmare for Sarah and Steven. He's all the way across the country when he gets the news that her hijacked plane has gone down in the mountains west of Juneau. 

An Airforce Jet can't get him home soon enough. 

But despite his best efforts, the weather has the mountain socked in, and it's isn't letting up. Can he get to the top of Mt. Fairweather in time to save his pregnant wife from the horrors of the Alaskan triangle? 

Will, the man who's the cause of their misery escape justice?


Murder by Proxy

At Merrill Field, Elliott made sure Sarah was safely on board. Then he sat in his vehicle to watch the plane take off. He admired the sleek new look of the Challenger 650. The top-of-the-line jet that Sarah had recently purchased. He looked forward to watching the take-off.

Instead, he was shocked when, just seconds later, bullets began flying. He ducked even though they weren't pointed in his direction.

Elliott witnessed a prisoner, Alex James, the Clean Killer, just recently sentenced to ten life sentences, board Sarah's plane in a hail of bullets. He saw the door close and the plane taxi for take-off as the officers continued shooting while trying to catch a plane that quickly took flight.

Elliott was in shock.

Alex James, though, had made his escape.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dracula Has the Final Say!


Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash


A debonair man

handsome and sure,

he'll tantalize and tease

ready to please.


A sweet fair maiden,

lovely and pure

dressed to the nines,

but oh so demure.


Dracula knows

how to put her at ease

dance close, make her laugh

bow low, his manners

offer no reproach.


In secret whispers,

a tryst, he'll propose

his love,

though new

he'll swear, is true.


As the bell of the ball

you blush and protest

but tonight is special and

you've planned no regrets.


The clock tolls midnight

the party is over

what's wrong with a walk

 and one kiss

especially under the moon's shadow.


But my dear, once is enough

don't fall for his bluff

for this dangerous man

will suck you dry.


Of blood so pure

his life, you'll assure

but dear, then you'll die

a virgin

on Halloween night!

Yolanda Renée  (C) 2021


Happy Halloween!

Photo by Szabó János on Unsplash

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

Sultry Lady

So sexy and sure

make-up perfect

costume comely,

she smiles and whispers

come see me sometime

you're flattered

quite taken

and ready for more

off you fly

with her by your side

a lover's tryst,

meant to end the night

now the succubus

has you

and you won't escape

her evil clutches,

until the end of your date

so say farewell

because that first kiss

will be your last

she'll drain you of life

suck it all out

you won't even

be able to shout

a last memory of fun

isn't that what 

a Halloween party 

is all about?

Yolanda Renée  (C) 2021



Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Poorly Sewn!


Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


There's a monster poorly sewn

Frankenstein, not a clone

put together from death

no need for breath

different parts and pieces

with lots of creases,

a weirdly shaped head

a body too huge

and a neck

where bones protrude

was his blood stewed

where did he

come from

some body-mart

an alien planet or garbage dump,

he grunts his words

but seeks

softness and warmth

poor, misunderstood creature

hounded by people with

even worse features

pitchforks and torches

under a full moon

they scream and chant

burn, burn, burn

will they achieve such a gruesome task

or has nature got plans 

for this poorly made mass.

Yolanda Renée  (C) 2021


Photo by Szabó János on Unsplash


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

WEP - The Scream


Lucky 13

The day I turned thirteen

I discovered a witch's abode

hidden deep in the woods

abandoned under the overgrowth,

a little hut, just an old shack

but finding a door

a warm fire and more

it was a blessing for a young girl

needing rescue

I found an old book

and gave it a look

opened the page and

read the oddest verse,

I laughed at the absurdity

but read with intent

"simply voice these words

and see your wish true"

the years passed

memories faded

until one night

his love turned cruel

his abuse grew

I didn't know what to do

on Halloween night,

it came to a head

he laughed himself silly

as he threatened to kill me

I fell to my knees

and said with hands folded,

those silly words,

I'd once read

in that magic book

forgive me, dear, 

no menace intended

I only wish

that you are blessed

with your own intent,

he laughed again

and raised the knife

the walls shook, 

and the floors clattered

then with a torrent

came hundreds of creatures abhorrent,

a foot in length, 

with multiple legs

they moved with intent

toward the threat

he screamed bloody murder

and tried to fight

but they covered him fully

then in a wisp of white vapor,

he and they 

were all gone

and to this day

I've heard not a word

my bruises have healed

and my heart too

that shack in the woods

is now my home

            The Magic Den

is where I cast spells,

and grant wishes

 my new stock in trade

so if you need aid,

 don't be afraid

just open the book

    the right spell will appear

       for the dark arts know

          the one you fear!


Tagline: 13 can be a very lucky number.

Yolanda Renée (C) 2021


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Photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Vampires are the Undead


Photo by Loren Cutler on Unsplash


A vampire's hunger

is gnawing and deep

are you ready to grasp

a life undead

immortal you'd be

not of this coil

but dead and cold

decaying inside

as you hunger and crave,

 the warmth of life's blood

from an innocent babe

someone you love,

take all you want

get death in return

your life you've forfeit,

for the mantle of doom.

So which would you choose?

This trick or this treat

on this most 

dark and deadly

Halloween fête?

Yolanda Renée (C) 2021


Thursday, October 14, 2021

It's the Witch's Night


Photo by Bellava G on Unsplash


Their cackles will raise your hackles

called laughter

but isn't funny

goosebumps and chills

such a haunting sound

reminds all that

the devil's evil abounds

and her appearance

is so out of sorts

her green skin and brown warts

an ugly sight

scraggly hair, missing teeth,

red bulging eyes,

doesn't lend confidence

not this Halloween night

don't point or draw attention

for her cruse may be real

if you catch her watching

she's sizing you up

it might seem like fun

but it's masquerade night

and those in costume

are the ones hiding

but the witch

is locked onto you

and only morning will tell

for it's dawn when you'll know

if her curse worked well

for you'll be alive

and not floating face down in the well.

Yolanda Renée (C) 2021


and WEP Challenge!