Thursday, July 3, 2014


           My morning routine includes a cup of green tea, the morning news, and my Boston terrier, Patches sleeping soundly in my lap as we wait for the house to warm up. She curls up in my lap and lays her head on my arm—usually the arm next to that cup of tea.
          Heaven forbid I sit in the easy chair working on my laptop alone. This is her spot. She will stand with her paws on the armrest and stare me down with those big brown eyes until I put the computer away or make room for her too. I've learned to type with her paw on the keyboard. My new chair will be over-sized so there will always be room for her.
          If I eat, she has to eat. Moreover, if I go to the bathroom, she's waiting by the back door when I’m done. When I nap, she curls up beside me and snores with a sound that resonates as loud as a freight train, but it's a sound I love. Her greeting when I walk in the door is always smile inducing, and if I don't have a treat for her I feel like I've let her down, but she never complains. Her response to the word walk or the jingle of her lease, well I cannot help but wish her energy were transferable.
          I sometimes feel that she’s mini me, my shadow, my conscience. She is the reason I get up in the morning, literally. Each night she leads the way to bed and lets me tuck her in, but she won't rest her head until I'm in my bed next to hers.
          She just stretched and managed to capture my right arm, so I am typing this one handed while balancing my laptop on the arm of the chair. My teacup is empty, the news is repeating, and I really need to get to my day started. However, for several more minutes of cuddling with her, what better excuse to veg.
           She is an angel with deep brown eyes, soft warm body, few if any expectations, but a never-ending capacity to love. Leona Helmsley left 12 million dollars to her precious pet, and I know why!
          Patches is the angel in my lap, the sunshine that fills my day, and the love that makes my world go round.
Yolanda Renee © 2011

July 29, 2004 - July 3, 2014

I wrote this piece several years ago. Today, July 3, 2014, at 11:13 AM my little girl, Patches, passed away in my arms. I felt her heart stop beating. 

 On May 8th, she had two seizures within 12 hours and the doctor told us that it's typical for dogs to get epilepsy. We were hopeful and changed her diet. She seemed better. But on June 25 she had another, and then another and by Monday before her doctor's appointment, she'd had seven more seizures, and then another at the doctor's office. The doctor diagnosed a brain tumor. He gave us medication and it decreased the number and severity, but she was declining rapidly. She no longer knew her name, or us, or her surroundings. 

 Last night she allowed me to hold her for several hours. This morning I knew things were worse. I held her, assured her of my love, and prayed for God's mercy. She died in my arms and I'm so very grateful for the opportunity to have known such a beautiful creature. My heart is broken for the loss of her. 

R. I. P. - My sweet baby girl!