Thursday, July 15, 2021

What Would You Do?


How would you feel if you walked in to find your roommate murdered by a serial killer? In this excerpt, it's the day after Halloween…

A Passion for Murder


The night after tricks and treats, an endless party, and way too much sugar in the form of alcohol, Cora French stumbled home at an embarrassing eight in the morning. It's called the walk of shame, but it had become a habit for this twenty-five-year-old. Cora preferred that to the more cautious nature of her roommate Susan.

Who would choose a night handing out candy to the little monsters? To a night of food, drink, and relentless dancing at the best masquerade party in town? Dressed as cat-woman, Cora tried to get her roommate Susan to attend. Suggesting she go as her favorite author, J K Rowling. Susan had said she might, but only after all the trick or treaters were appeased. She loved handing out the goodies.

That's why the sign on the front porch telling the goblins and ghosts to help themselves was so shocking to Cora. The bowl of candy was empty. She was surprised because her friend had listened to her suggestion, but it didn't explain why she hadn't seen Susan at the party. She unlocked the door, ready to hear her friend's lame excuse for skipping the party. Instead, the overpowering odor of blood and bleach greeted her. Gagging, she stepped backward and quickly dialed 911. Hysteria building…


After viewing the crime scene, Steven sat down on the stoop by Alice. "You don't need to see this one."

"That bad?"

"Worse," he told her. "Unspeakably worse. What is it with serial killers and Halloween?"

"An opportunity to fulfill their deepest fantasy," Alice said with disgust. "To be the monster they really are."

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

News & Announcements


Denise Covey is determined to make 2021 her year.

Starting with the release of Fast & Furious Short Fiction,

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Monday, July 5, 2021

Just a Tidbit of Information

 A Mystery Series Set in Alaska

"You Are My Sunshine!" 

and how it became part of my books.

The editor of my first book, Murder, Madness & Love, suggested I give my heroine, Sarah, a peculiar habit. Something that would stand out and make her memorable as she navigated the emotions and stress of being stalked by a murderer.

I chose the song "You Are My Sunshine." A song I recalled from a tearjerker of a movie that made an impression on me when I was a child. The relationship of the father and daughter is what hit home for me. Anyway, it was one of those tugs on your heartstring movies. So, I chose the song for my character to use as something she would recall and absent-mindedly sing when highly stressed. Sometimes not even aware that she was. I thought it was a good choice. I thought it was an interesting reaction for Sarah to have when troubled.

Then later, she'd share that her father taught it to her to sing to her mother before they'd both leave for the long work separations that took them away from her. Meant to keep Sarah and her mother from crying. As an adult, it becomes her calming tool too.

I thought it was obscure and unique.

But it wasn't. Did you know it's one of the state songs of Louisiana? It's also the most commercially programmed number in American popular music. And it's been recorded by dozens, and I mean, dozens of artists. Google it, you'll see. No obscure little song this!

Just a little tidbit I thought you might find interesting. I hope you have! Thanks for visiting.


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