Monday, November 23, 2020

I Did it!


This year I had two projects to complete.

A Passion for Murder had approximately 20,000 words already completed. And a newer project, a suspenseful romance set in Myrtle Beach, I had about the same,
 just under 20,000 words.
Neither was close to being done. 
For some reason, this year,
I struggled to accomplish all I set out to do.
But with NANO, I had one final chance.
I finished the first draft of 
both stories during this challenge. 
Adding about 30,000 words to each.
The only way to do it was to just hunker down and commit to the writing. 
I ignored all else. 
But with the support of hubby
who did most of the cooking, it worked!
 I was determined to write daily. 
And I did.
I'm thrilled with the results.
Yay me! :) 

How about you, 
did you get there too?


Monday, November 2, 2020

For Opal: My Book of Poetry

Now Available the Kindle!

When I was seven

I found heaven

my grandmother's house

I was the city mouse.

With a large bed just for me

not one bed, shared by three

awake each morning

to a bird song melody.

Peace and quiet

and a pancake diet

amid the flowers and the trees

I explored every nook and cranny.

A crowing rooster, cows, and chickens

I helped out in the barn and the kitchen

a sewing lesson with needle and thread

soon exhausted, I curled up in my large bed.

Snakes and storms, roses and thorns

homemade ice cream and fresh corn

my escape from a family of seven

Grandma's Earthly home was heaven.

  Yolanda Renée (C) 2020


Coming Soon!

In paperback

For Opal is a collection of poems written in memory of Lilly Opal Stansberry, my grandmother, and the inspiration for my writing. These poems portray a moment in time. Highlighting love, loss, tragedy, and survival. A few done just for fun and several that have a murderous slant. But they are all a small picture of life. Some are real and others pure fiction.

Before she passed, I promised her I would publish a book of poetry. This is that promise kept. Publication date November 2nd - would have been her 108th birthday.

I'm under no illusion, a poet I am not, but each verse has meaning for me.

Maybe it will strike a chord for you too!


Anyone willing to do a blog post for my poetry book. Let me know. I'll send you a copy and we can discuss the subject. 

Or a simple shout out would be most appreciated.