Monday, November 23, 2020

I Did it!


This year I had two projects to complete.

A Passion for Murder had approximately 20,000 words already completed. And a newer project, a suspenseful romance set in Myrtle Beach, I had about the same,
 just under 20,000 words.
Neither was close to being done. 
For some reason, this year,
I struggled to accomplish all I set out to do.
But with NANO, I had one final chance.
I finished the first draft of 
both stories during this challenge. 
Adding about 30,000 words to each.
The only way to do it was to just hunker down and commit to the writing. 
I ignored all else. 
But with the support of hubby
who did most of the cooking, it worked!
 I was determined to write daily. 
And I did.
I'm thrilled with the results.
Yay me! :) 

How about you, 
did you get there too?



  1. HUGE (and awe filled) congratulations.

  2. A huge congrats! It's even harder to meet those word counts when you're working on two projects.

  3. Congrats! You soared over the 50,000 needed.

  4. Hi Yolande - well done ... and so pleased you managed to finish draft both of the projects. Blessed hubby - no wonder he got a shout out ... take care and stay safe and have a peaceful day tomorrow - Hilary


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