Sunday, March 19, 2023

Full Moon Confessions - Kindle Vella

Recently Nancy Williams wrote an article about Kindle Vella for the WEP. That has all the ins and outs of making it a success.

Something I tried a year ago with no success, but since following her advice, I actually had someone read my stories.

Nancy is making money and has the skinny. So be sure to check out How To Make Money With Your Writing - Kindle Vella

Here is what I've learned:

This was the cover I wanted, but Kindle Vella cut out a round and created the cover below. I had little to no control except for the picture above. Notice they don't even allow the apostrophe above the e in Renée. But things are always changing. 

So I did a little more work and managed to add the title to the round part of the picture. Why? Because the only thing they post on the page announcing your story is the round part of the cover. Some add the title. Some don't.

I have joined several Kindle Groups on FB, thanks to Nancy's advice. But right now, trying to write and take care of everything else, I've not had time to concentrate on participating. I figure one step at a time. I know, my downfall.

Full Moon Confessions: TheOdd Cases of Detective Cypress

Find Full Moon Confessions here: 

Donovan Horatio Cypress is a dedicated man. Handsome, skilled, and perceptive, and he invariably always gets his man. But his cases are notoriously odd. His love life is even more so. Falling for his suspects leaves him questioning his choices.

Are you ready to meet Jack the Ripper? The murderous monster in the basement? Would you step into a fog for a romantic first meeting? Or do you prefer the ordinary everyday folk with murderous intent? It's all here, with a romance on the side. Enjoy!

Episode 1:

          Double Chocolate Homicide – The Peacocks plan a Halloween dinner party. Then one of them ends up dead. But no fear, the party must go on…

Episode 2:

          Psycho Bitch – Is murder contagious? A couple attended the Peacock's murderous dinner party, and not four hours later, one is dead. I won't lie. Psycho was my inspiration. But folks, this one has a new twist.

Episode 3:

          The Ripper confesses – The fog means another death, but this time the cops make their arrest. Too late for the victim, but is the detective's attention on the details or Jenny's figure? Jenny is an officer with great legs and a quick mind.

Episode 4:

          Perfect Opportunities – A hurricane is the ideal opportunity for murder, or is it? Where's Jenny, and why is Cypress in a new state, flirting with a murderous?

Episode 5:

          Karma's A Bitch: Uh, oh. Is the detective caught in the spider's trap?


Please note the first 3 episodes you can read for FREE!

After that, you'll need more tokens. I was awarded 2000 tokens just for signing up. 

And don't forget the thumbs-up. It's what gets the author paid. Give it a try, but first read: How To Make Money With Your Writing - Kindle Vella. Nancy gives lots of info, and I hope I've added a bit more here.

To find Nancy's stories go here: King Julian of Gil-Lael

Good luck!

Thanks for reading. 

I hope you'll give my story a chance. If you do, I would love your critique.