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What I'm offering:

I combine a developmental edit with a content edit to give you a complete written evaluation of your short story, novella, or novel.


Are you having trouble with your plot or creating believable characters? Have a great beginning and an incredible end but keep getting stuck in the middle? Need more conflict but don't know where to add it. I'm here to help.


I will provide an in-depth review of your writing. It'll be focused on improving the content and structure of your short story, novella, novel, or nonfiction book. My primary goal is to help a book have a clear focus. And ensure that the elements, such as tone and style, plot lines, character development, and red herrings, all make sense.


I will compose an editorial letter that takes in the entire perspective of the writing and recommends keeping the piece focused. I will address the following issues:


·        Character development

·        Dialogue

·        Tone or style

·        Sentence phrasing

·        Pacing concerns

·        Setting issues

·        Plot holes


A Line Edit is available using 'Track Changes' for another fee, but ALL FEES NEGOTIABLE!

This is not a complete copyedit or proofread regarding grammar. 

But any issues found will be pointed out.

The price is ONLY $.01 / word

You can order a Developmental Edit-analysis in Report format 
at $.005 per word
Line by Line Edit with suggestions on the side using Track Changes at $.006 per word

or the Full Works at $.01

100,000 words at $.005 = $500
100,000 words at $.006 = $600
100,000 words at $.01 = $1,000
(100,000 is used as an example. Any word count will work)

And that goes for any writing format
flash fiction
short story


1st Time Edit is 50% off 

Send an email to
to discuss the job and negotiate the fees. 
Or leave a comment below with your email address.
An invoice via PayPal will be sent.
Pay using the QR Code below
Other options are available. 
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I look forward to helping you make your masterpiece shine!


Jemi Fraser wrote this regarding the Developmental Edit of her novel No Good Deed - to be released soon:

Working with Renée has been a genuine pleasure! Her editing skills are phenomenal—she sees both the big picture and the nitty-gritty details.

Renée showed a fantastic understanding of my book and the characters. Her suggestions were on point and helped polish the story while staying true to my vision.

Renée is professional, thorough, and thoughtful.

Thanks for making my work shine, Renée!

Jemi Fraser wrote this regarding the Developmental Edit of her novel No Going Back - to be released soon:

Once again, Renée has proven herself to be a fantastic editor. Her work is detailed and so helpful. 
It’s a pleasure to work with Renée. I love knowing my stories are safe in her hands.

Thanks for the polish, Renée!


Robert Perreault wrote this regarding the Developmental Edit of his novel Robber's Row:

Renee is a fantastic editor. In addition to her insightful developmental edits, opinions, and ideas, she also provides helpful editorial edits as well. She does make me rewrite :>) but it's worth it. The finished product will be so much better because of her.

Robert Perreault wrote this regarding the Developmental Edit of his novel Spanish Wells:

Renee is a force to be reckoned with! It was my first time working with her and will certainly not be my last. In addition to insightful developmental edits and ideas, she included some helpful line edits as well. To top it all off, delivery came early (I won't expect that in the future of course). I think I just found myself a hidden gem!


Toi Thomas said...

So excited to learn of your services.

Yolanda Renée said...

Hey, Toi!
So good to hear from you. I'm thrilled to be able to offer it!