Monday, April 24, 2017

T thru Z for the A to Z

Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals (especially vertebrates) for display (e.g., as hunting trophies or museum display) or for other sources of study (like species identification) or simply the preservation of a beloved pet. Taxidermy can be done on all vertebrate species of animals, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Just another of Stone’s hobbies, but the question is:
Does he combine the two?

Upholsterers' regulator with plastic handle is a must for every taxidermy shop. Use for adjusting skin on game heads, life-sized animal bodies, setting eyes, drilling legs, adjusting ears and more!

A must have tool in Stone’s shop!

V = Victim – a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

·      A person who is tricked or duped.

·      A living creature killed as a religious sacrifice. (This is the definition that surprised me.

Sad to say, Stone has way to many victims.

W = Wicked – evil or morally wrong

·      Intended to or capable of harming someone or something

·      Extremely unpleasant

·      Playfully mischievous

In the Snowman, Stone is certainly wicked, but there's an even more sinister character in the background.
Hmm . . .

X + Y = Z

X –- Y –- Z   Consider these as random variables.

Is it possible that this mathematical problem has only one solution? Or is there a variable that we’ve missed?

For instance: 
                              If  X = the Snowman
                                  And Y = Murder
     Then Z = Detective Quaid



Youngsters dressed in colorful costumes rang the doorbell every few minutes. While his mother played the hostess and handed out candy to the little beggars, Stone perused the weather channel. Dressed as a witch, his mother cackled and teased the trick or treaters, making most of them laugh, but others ran away in fear. Smart kid, Stone thought after he had witnessed the fifth kid ran off without the candy.

“See you later, Mom. I have a Halloween party to go to.”

“But you’re not even in costume,” she noted.

“Oh, but I am. Tonight, I’m the Avenger.” He lifted a black mask to his face and twirled his flowing cape to show her that he had the spirit of the holiday.

She laughed and waved him on as another group of ghosts and goblins came up the steps.


Was it fair to end with a mathematical equation
for X, Y & Z? Probably not, but I really needed a shortcut for this one! :)

And that ends my A to Z Contributions for the 2017 Challenge. I hope you had fun and enjoyed the journey through the Snowman with a little bit of Alaska on the side! Thanks for all of your comments and visits!

I failed to meet the commitment required of the A to Z, but getting the Snowman to publication, re-publishing the first three books of the trilogy, and putting the house on the market has consumed me.
I owe all of you big time!
Thank you!

I do hope you'll join me on the tour!


  1. You've had a busy time this month. Using an equation seems an original and fun way to end the challenge. All the best with all your endeavours. Please let me know if and when and how I can be of help.

    Best always,

  2. I'm all caught up and loved your teaser. :) Using the equation was fun! Have a terrific week.

  3. Have to keep an eye on that math haha nice way to use the last letters. Taxidermy, never ever got the appeal of that.

  4. Yahoo! I see Z here. I'm really not a taxidermy fan. I always want to write a horror story when I see anything stuffed. Great job with the A to Z, Yolanda.

  5. Killed in a religious sacrifice? That one surprises me, too.

  6. You did great. Someone I follow posted the letter R this morning. And they do this every year, always falling way behind.

  7. Well done for making it to the end of the challenge, I like the way you tackled these letters, particularly that troublesome last three!

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  8. I am not a math person, so I think it was not fair 😂


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