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Thanks, Thom, for agreeing to be part of the fun.

With out further ado a

Halloween Interview & Flash Fiction Challenge

     1. You're born on Halloween and have the ghostly evil super powers of one of the following: The Ghost from Poltergeist, The Frankenstein Monster, The Mummy, The most Evil of Witches, The Devil himself, Freddy Kruger, Pumpkin Head, Michael from Halloween, or Jason from Friday the 13th. Alternatively, if you prefer, pick one of your own. Otherwise, tell us which one you would choose and why? No friendly ghosts allowed! You're to wreak havoc in this scenario!

I open my eyes to an empty room. I hear voices in the distance, angry voices calling for the death of Frankenstein. My Father. The wooden platform is eaten with rot and age, a simple lifting of my arms and I am free. The room fills with a loud thud. They must be using a battering ram. I stagger across the concrete floor and head towards the door. I will be spending my first birthday protecting my father from the evil that is the human race.

   2. The Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur this Halloween and for 48 hours, the world is thrown into chaos. Live through it and consider yourself lucky, you've been warned. What is your first step, especially as no one else knows or believes you? Do you leave family behind and seek shelter to ride it out, or do you try to save your family? How and why?

 I load the family into the minivan, hoping they didn’t notice the couple staggering towards us from down the street. I knew they would never believe me, I was surprised they fell for my “let’s visit the in-laws” suggestion. As we pulled away I noticed Mr. Connors walking out of his house. That is bad because he died a week ago.

  3.   Because of the time of your birth, (see the 1st question) the angels have decided to forgive your sins and are offering to remedy one evil that now exists in the world, but only one! Which would you choose and why?

The human race. In horror, they tend to be worse than the monsters who haunt them

  4. Why is Halloween a favorite holiday, or not a favorite, and if it isn't why did you participate in this query? Come on; tell us your biggest most secret Halloween fantasy!

I love Halloween! Greatest Holiday ever!

 Now the fun part: Finish the story. I've given you the first 100 words. Provide us with the rest, but please hold the number to 750 words or less unless the restriction is just impossible then no more than 1000 words. The winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. The contest will be judged by Nancy Lynn Jarvis. The winner will be posted on Halloween!


Jerry sauntered along Desperation Holler Road that earlier echoed with the excited shouts of ghosts and ghouls as the children scrambled from house to house in colorful and frightening costumes.
Dusk dissolved into the blackest of nights as the little monsters disappeared into the shelter of the brightly lit houses with their chocolate goodies.
Jerry smiled, even suppressed laughter, because he knew there was no refuge, not in Desperation Holler on this most evil of Halloweens.
Concealed by the dark limbs of deformed trees and invasive ivy, the innocuous little cabin looked abandoned, but Jerry knew better.
The witches abode . . .

Jerry didn’t bother trying to sneak in. They knew he was coming. The door creaked open as he reached for the bell. He crossed himself before entering.
Two women were seated around a large wooden table, eating something from a bowl. One of them waved for him to join them.
“This is unusual, considering the reason for my visit.” Jerry sat down and a third woman brought him a smoking bowl and spoon.
“It’s Halloween,” one of them said. “No need to be at war on this night.”
“Halloween is the very reason I had to come here tonight. The Arch Bishop said-“
“Hush now, and try your soup,” the one on his left said. He complied and took a bite.
“What do you think of the new Arch Bishop?” The one on the right asked.
“He seems nice,” Jerry replied, taking another bite. The third woman returned.
“Are you sure he’s not too spicy?” She asked, folding the Bishop’s gown.
Jerry looked down into the red liquid that was in his bowl. He heard the women cackle and closed his eyes. He knew he was next on the menu.

Ah, poor Jerry, sucks to be dinner!

Within these pages exists a world of horror and mystery, a realm where the macabre comes alive and bites back. Journey into the horrific and unsettling world of Empty Graves and enjoy a collection of tales that will chill your blood, and send a shiver down your spine. For just a small taste of what this book holds in store for you:
v  You'll find an apartment complex with a bloody history-
v  An office worker that just won't die-
v  A city with a demon mascot-
v  An actual road to Hell –
v  A rendition of the Three Little Pigs that just can't be missed-
All this and more await you in a story collection written especially for those who aren't afraid of what evils may be lurking in their refrigerator. Nothing is what it seems in these frightening tales, each one a twisted look into the mind of T.G. Reaper-a mind that belongs in a padded cell.

Thom Futrell (T.G.Reaper) is the best-selling, award winning author of EMPTY GRAVES, FRESH GRAVES, MEAT PUPPET and several other books. He has been included in over fifty anthologies including the 2014 GENTLEMEN OF HORROR. Many of his books are written with royalties going to charity organizations such as ASPCA, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, ST.JUDES, and several others. He has written several screenplays, one was picked up by LMN, and another was produced and is now showing on over 60 theaters in 21 countries.

Thom Futrell lives with his family on the outskirts of Jackson Michigan with his wife and two daughters.


For one lucky commenter, 
Thom will create a character in his 
WIP using your name. 

Just answer one of the 4 questions above in a 
 comment and you could be in 
Thom's next horror story!

Thank you, Thom, 

Happy Halloween!


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  1. His answers were great! You can tell he is a master of horror storytelling.

    1. Alex, he's extremely talented and can write a horror short at the drop of the hat. So good!

  2. Haha, I agree with Alex. WOW. I wish I could do horror stories better, Yolanda. Now you have the horror gift. I only hope my poem can stand up to all the excellent entries I know WEP will have.

    The horrorific Three Little Pigs HAS to be good. I can't wait to read it.

    Poor Mr. Connors. *wink* Loved this post, my friend.

    1. HI Robyn, I have no doubts that your poem will shine, and frighten! Lots of good stories listed but I too, am curious about the Three Little Pigs!

  3. I wish I could write horror like Thom. Sometimes I try, but then I scare myself so I stop!

    1. Hi mismariah,
      You lock the doors,although don't write about ghosts, doors don't work against them, turn all the lights on and write, write, write, then you call someone and invite them over for a slumber party, because by then - it's all about the nightmares. Sorry, couldn't resist. You just have to have fun with it, but yeah, I do all of the above! :)

  4. Great answers! He is truly into his genre.

    1. Hi Susan, Thom does know his horror. If you check out his FB pages posts, he also posts some of the scariest stories ever!

  5. Hah! I dig these answers. What a cool idea for the month! :)

    1. Hi Madelyn,
      I enjoy trying something new for the month of Halloween and I'm blessed to know the authors who love participating.

  6. I really enjoyed his answers. Funny and clever.

    1. Hi Chrys,
      Those are the most fun, a little humor even with horror is always good.

  7. Very true, the humans do tend to be much worse.

    1. Don't they though? The apocalypse can't come soon enough. Maybe a new lesson will teach them something. :)

  8. Great answers! I love the whole concept of devoting the month of October to Halloween-inspired posts. Shoule be a lot of fun.

    Alas, I'd make a lousy monster. Maybe the Mummy... or Grandmummy. Oh, I know: the tickle monster! Sorry, I'm too silly to be scary. :) (Doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading a good scary book from time to time, though.)

    1. Hey Susan, I hope you enjoy, there are some amazing authors participating.

      Tickle monster, now that's good! Bet I could turn it nasty... :)

  9. Very cool idea and great, creative answers.

    1. Thanks Southpaw, I enjoy making folks answer uncomfortable questions, and horror authors have no problem doing that!

  10. Wow, wow, wow! I'm very impressed Thom/TG could do so much with so little. Not only scary but very humanistic and touching too. The very best kind of horror. Thanks so much to him for giving me great horror stories for this delightful October day! :)

    1. Hi Lexa,
      Thom is an expert. Come back all month and enjoy even more!

  11. He never told them if the bishop was too spicy.

    1. Hi Diane,
      I don't think they mine, looks to me like they'll eat just about any - one and the spicier the better.. LOL

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you everyone for reading the interview and for the kind words! I am both humbled and honored!

  13. Creative answers to each of the questions! I don't think Jerry's going to fare too well this month.

    1. I have a feeling you're right, but then again, he may surprise us all! :)


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