Tuesday, November 10, 2015


When I envisioned Lady Enigmatic – this is how I saw her, not as a vampire but as a badass capable of riding a polar bear and leading an army. For some reason, all my alter egos have dark hair. 

To help introduce Lady Enigmatic to you, I've asked her to sit for an interview – not something she enjoys, but if presenting herself to the public will help her win The Joust, she's willing to play along.

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Rise of the Lycans

You're a warrior, why do you love solving mysteries.

         I don't like secrets, and yet everyone has one, some minor but some deadly. I've always had the ability to sense a lie. It's aided me well in negotiations, but even better, during interrogations of the murderers I haul in.  

So, if I said, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning The Joust, would that be a lie or the truth.

         Neither, it is your opinion. I am quite capable of winning The Joust on skill alone, but I may fail, as I am an unknown, from an unknown land. What will be will be, my fate is in the hands of the populace.

How did you get started telling tales of murder and mystery?

         Ever since I was a squire, on long excursions, we'd sit around the fire and exchange tales. I share stories of the beasts that hide in the shadows and covet our comforts.

Do you really have a pet dragon?

         You question the possibility.

(I thought she might slay me right there?) I … well, it's just that I've never seen a real dragon, I stuttered.

Then it is good I left him at home. I feared one of the Knights might make it their quest to defeat Maximillian. He is undefeated.

Undefeated? He fights – whom?

         He leads an army of Dragon Warriors, against the Abominable Ice Creatures in the Northland.

I see. (I didn't, not really, but I wasn't going to argue. She has the sharpest sword. I was going to ask her about the rumor of her being a cutpurse, a thief, but didn't want her to react and ask questions later. I'd also heard the other Knights started the rumor. Field competition?)
My last question – I understand you ride polar bears to practice for The Joust.

         Of course, they perform better on the ice and snow, but my horse is also trained well for the games here.

I shook her hand. Thank you for agreeing to an interview. I wish you all success today, and all week as the games continue.

         She bowed and strode away.

Gosh if only I could be a warrior with a pet dragon. Dream on Renee. Dream on.

I'll be fighting it out as
Lady Enigmatic in The Joust hosted M. Pax
I hope you'll come along and cheer me on!
My Joust is today, but you can cheer me on all week.
Please mention Lady Enigmatic today and every day
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Lady Enigmatic
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Such as!
Lady Enigmatic has an incredible story about a cutpurse involved in murder.
Lady Enigmatic solves murder mysteries, but she'll quickly play the cutpurse to win this Joust.
Lady Enigmatic is rumored to have been a former Cutpurse and may have committed murder.

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  1. Congrats to Sia McKye!
    The jousting is in full swing!

  2. Huzzah! Who says Lady Enigmatic can't win. Of course she may be too busy solving a murder to do too much self-promotion--the curse of the 21st century.

  3. haha those polar bears are very helpful indeed

  4. The Lady is quite impressive. Good luck at the joust! :)

  5. Huzzah to Lady Enigmatic! Having a pet dragon is most impressive. A shame she didn't bring him along.

  6. Thank you, everyone for your comments and for your support for the The Joust! I do appreciate your kind words and the cheers for Lady Enigmatic! It's a fun week and I hope you are all enjoying it!

  7. Huzzah, Lady Enigmatic!!! I love that she rode polar beats. :p

  8. Huzzah, Lady Enigmatic!!! I love that she rode polar beats. :p


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