Thursday, November 12, 2015


THE REALMS FAIRE is still underway!

Worthy knights have met on the field of battle
and more Knight's wait for their opportunity to wow the crowds in

had a great day of jousting with

but the games are far from over

and to win THE JOUST she needs your cheers!

To score points for her, use the words. Lady Enigmatic, Murder, and cutpurse on THE JOUST site by clicking HERE.

Hosted by M. Pax continues!
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Meet Lady Enigmatic:

Shrouded in snow and whipping winds, Lady Enigmatic hails from the frigid lands of the North. She may well be small of stature, but thither exists a mysterious power in her. Be it courage or madness, she rides polar bears to practice for the joust. Yet tis not her daring with which my lady defeats most of her opponents, verily by my troth, her tales of murder and intrigue which strikes through to the hearts of men. Although some have said, tis fear of her pet dragon, Maximilian, which hath them quaking in thy boots. Aye, one might wonder if perchance this gentle lady hath an obsession with the dark side, but tis the love of her people, her land, and words that make her a true warrior.

Her Knightly Deeds:

Lady Enigmatic hath assisted a brave warrior in his quest to untangle a labyrinth of rumor and obsession and rescue a beauteous damsel set upon by a mendacious thug. Murder, Madness & Love

My Lady also helped to corral a demon intent on world domination with the aid of this same dedicated warrior. Memories of Murder

Her most recent heroic deed involved obsessive desires, Grizzlies, and her loyal warrior fighting for his life in a quest to prove his innocence. Murder & Obsession

And in honor of THE REALMS FAIRE Murder, Madness & Love is only .99 cents on Amazon!

If you want to know more about Murder, Madness & Love
Click the HERE!


a book called Dominion
written by Lucifer
 was discovered
here is an excerpt.
(warning graphic violence)


Lucifer or his anointed Lieutenant are the only demons qualified to perform the marriage ceremony. Both the bride and groom must swear allegiance and make a blood sacrifice to the Supreme Leader three days before the wedding ceremony, including a twenty-four hour period of meditation, prayer, fasting, and blood consumption all vital for the spirits cleansing and the minds focus.

The appropriate hour for the ceremony is sunset.

The appropriate date would be any Blood Sabbath.

A toast with the blood of three six-year-old children is vital to ensure the procreation of children.

The wedding ceremony must include the proper attire and witnesses.

"I, (name of the person officiating), declare this wedding a sacred event. 

Hallowed by sacrificed blood, and blessed with fertility through the consumption of innocent blood. (Bride and Groom's names) will bear children for the cause. Their union will help to change the world into a demon's playground. God will be banished, and Lucifer, with his Queen, will reign. On this sacred night, I declare that this union is sanctified by the blood of a virgin, has been demonically blessed, and is the fulfillment of scripture.

The Groom speaks first: I, (Groom's name), take thee, (Bride's name), my demon bride, as my wife, my equal. Other words of declaration may be spoken at the Groom's behest.

The Groom will make a cut just above his heart.

The Bride will wet her lips in his blood.

The Bride speaks next. I, (Bride's name), take thee, (Groom's name), as my demon groom, as my husband, my equal. Other words of declaration may be spoken at the Bride's behest.

The Bride will then drop her gown from her shoulders, draw blood, cover her nipples with her blood, and then the groom will suckle the life-giving nectar from her breasts.

With blood on their lips, the first kiss will seal their union.

A blood sacrifice with both parties holding the knife and delivering a fatal blow to the heart of the willing participant and then the consumption of that heart will forever sanctify this wedding.

This union, now sanctified, cannot be broken by anything other than permanent death.

This ceremony was taken from the book Dominion written by Lucifer S Reynard.


The Winner of the $5 Amazon Gift Card 
& and eBook copy of both Murder Mysteries
chosen by

Murder, Madness & Love
Memories of Murder

for Monday is

Sia McKye

And for Tuesday is

Pat Hatt

 Wednesday's Winner is

M. Pax

Thursday's Winner is

Cherie Reich


Comment and you could win today!

(All gift cards will be issued after the Faire)


  1. Scary wedding ceremony! Congrats to the winners and huzzah to Lady Enigmatic!

    1. It rather frightening. Hi Christine! Lady Enigmatic appreciates all the support. So many worthy Knights, I'm sure the winner will be well deserving. The week has been fun!

  2. Another reason why one should just elope lol Congrats to another winner.

  3. Yes, I would certainly elope if I had to go through that performance. Good luck to Lady Enigmatic.

  4. Hope she continues to fare well in the joust!

    1. She's having such fun, it's all been good! Thanks, Alex, for your support!

  5. Excellent writing in creating that ceremony... I was fascinated !!

    Heading over to vote for Lady Enigmatic :)

  6. Best wishes to Lady Enigmatic! And that would be an interesting wedding ceremony to attend, although it'd be hard to find those three six-year-old kids. Heh.

    1. Hi Cherie, A horrible ceremony, but it was written by a madman! ;)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Diane!
      So appreciated. The prize is awesome, M Pax so generous! Who wouldn't want the win. :)

  8. Yikes what a creepy wedding!
    I just gave another cheer for you over at the Joust, Lady Enigmatic. It looks like that contest will come down to the wire. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Julie, it sure will, and what fun it's been! All worthy Knights, thanks for your support of Lady Enigmatic.

  9. I'm so out of the loop on the Realms Faire, but I've seen it everywhere and it looks like a lot of fun. Loved Lucifer's Wedding Ceremony, wonderfully written in a horribly creepy way, as it should be. Good luck!! :)

    1. Thanks Elise,
      The Realms Faire is a blast and I've already won 2 books! Can' wait to read them all.Might have to travel to the mountains to disappear and just read the winter away. :)

    2. I would love to disappear into the mountains to just read and write. Congrats on winning your books, enjoy!

    3. Ha, ha, me to - a worthy desire. If only . . .sigh. :)

  10. Wow! That's a terrifying ceremony.

    Huzzah for Lady Enigmatic.


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