Friday, October 30, 2020

A Promise Kept

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How Do I Love Thee?


Elizabeth Barrett Browning says it best.

But I have an answer to the question posed, just like the rest.

I love thee for washing the dishes.

I love thee for doing the chores and always answering the door.

I love thee for granting most all my wishes.

I love thee for doing the laundry and grocery shopping.

I love thee for pursuing and never stopping.

I love thee for working hard, especially in the overgrown yard.

I love thee for letting me nap and for not acting like a sap.

I love thee for loving me gently, taking me to the stars on a ride so heavenly.

I love thee for accepting my worst; our lives have been blessed, not cursed.

I love thee unshaven or perfectly coiffed.

I love thee unrobed or fully clothed.

I love your mind, for an intelligent man is hard to find.

I love thee because you are you

and because you love me


  Yolanda Renée (C) 2020


Just Released!

For Opal: My Book of Poetry

For Opal is a collection of poems written in memory of Lilly Opal Stansberry, my grandmother, and the inspiration for my writing. These poems portray a moment in time. Highlighting love, loss, tragedy, and survival. A few done just for fun and several that have a murderous slant. But they are all a small picture of life. Some are real and others pure fiction.

Before she passed, I promised her I would publish a book of poetry. This is that promise kept. Publication date November 2nd - would have been her 108th birthday.

I'm under no illusion, a poet I am not, but each verse has meaning for me.

Maybe it will strike a chord for you too!


Anyone willing to do a blog post for my poetry book. Let me know. I'll send you a copy and we can discuss the subject. 

Or a simple shout out would be most appreciated.


  1. I am more than sure that your verse will strike many chords and, having seen some of your poems, would dispute your assertion that you are not a poet.
    I am sure that Opal would be proud.

  2. She would be excited to know the book was published.
    I will add it to my IWSG post!

  3. Hi Yolanda - that's wonderful ... and how lovely to see you keep your promise to her - I'm certain she's very happily awaiting the day for publication. What a treasure to be able to write poems on life for you and for her and then for us all ... as each of us will benefit. Lovely name 'Opal' too ... congratulations ... all the best - Hilary

  4. Thank you for sharing this, and your collection! Congratulations! Please let me know how/when I an highlight your book via guest post or interview in the next few months.


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