Sunday, October 18, 2020


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

 Hang your ghastly decorations

black lights, demon pumpkins, and witches.

You’re wasting your expectations.

Ghosts don’t exist.

 How can they haunt or harm

To be frightened, I resist.

 October, Halloween, or

All Hallows Eve.

 The dead don’t rise

and bones won’t walk or rattle

for either tricks or treats.

 So, play your games.

But I don’t buy it.

 Ghosts and ghoulies

are only a figment of your imagination.

The stroke of midnight will show

you’ve wasted your fear 

And now November 3rd is here!




  1. How I hope your country's (and the world's) horror show ends on November the third.

  2. This is great! And this will definitely be a different Halloween for those who celebrate it.

  3. Hi Renee! It's been awhile. I enjoyed your poem, especially the part about November 3. May your country return to sanity!

  4. Sorry, it really HAS been awhile. I meant "Yolanda". Oops!

  5. And now November 3rd is here!


    Why didn't I see that coming? Oh please vote that guy out and end the horror show.

  6. Hi Renee - well done on voting. Who knows what's going to happen with the result, or for that matter afterwards ... and we've got our own hassles over here ... ah well - thankfully Halloween won't grab me! Though a house just down the road has fake cobwebs outside, pumpkins, and horror Halloween delights in the window ... Take care - cheers Hilary


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