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Please welcome Sylvia Ney

another author highlight from the

IWSG Anthology

Parallels: Felix Was Here

Sylvia agreed to an interview!

Why did you choose this story for the anthology? 

I actually wrote the first draft for this story several years ago. It had a slightly different plot with gaps. The bones were there, but I wasn’t happy with the details. Then, I saw the call for submissions to this anthology and I wondered if I could make it work. I pulled it out of the drawer, fell in love with the story all over again, and the holes filled in themselves.

I see you write a lot of nonfiction and romance. Is WIN a romance as well? 

No. While I may choose to continue David’s story one day, and explore his future relationships, this tale focuses on the society driven by technology in a parallel universe.

Several of your stories, including WIN, have centered on the lives of teachers. Is this on purpose? 

It’s not really on purpose. I’ve been a teacher most of my life. So, I suppose it’s natural for me to approach things as a teacher, and therefore my characters become teachers of a sort as well.

Coming May 3, 2016

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     The connection is everything.


 Seventeen year-old David Masters has grown up in almost complete isolation, despised by those around him. He is smart, determined, and compassionate. Now, an act of terrorism threatens the lives of millions. Can David help the society who shunned his very existence? Or is all hope for humanity lost? Find out in “WIN”. 

Sylvia Ney is a freelance writer, editor, and speaker. She regularly contributes to newspapers, magazines, and other anthologies. Some of her recurring publications include Houston Family magazine. Southern Writer's magazine, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul seriesSylvia is a member of the Texas Gulf Coast Writers and the Bayou Writers Group in Louisiana.

 To learn more, visit

Thanks, Sylvia and congratulations!

Do you have a manuscript in a drawer that might fit the next anthology?


  1. Hi Yolanda! Hi Sylvia! It's great hearing about a resurrected manuscript that made good. Congratulations Syliva! I have plenty of mss tucked away. Depends on the genre of the next anthology as to whether one will fit the bill!

    1. Hi Denise! Hey aren't you in China yet? So true about old manuscripts, and I can't wait to see what the next challenge will be about!

  2. WIN is a great story, and this is proof that we writers need to hold on to those stories that don't work out the first time. We never know what they might become!

  3. Yolanda - Thank you SO much for hosting me today. I'm just so excited to be a part of this project, and included with some amazing authors.

    Denise - Thank you for the support. It's always nice when a manuscript finally finds a home. Congratulations on your own success!

    L.G. - Thank you! I'm having so much fun with you guys.

    1. Hey Sylvia, thanks for writing such an intriguing story. It's my pleasure to host the writers, and a privilege to have a story in the same book! Teachers are the real heroes of the universe!

  4. Neat way for the characters to relate to real life through teaching indeed.

  5. David was indeed a teacher. It was a great story.

  6. David really needs a win on this one. See what I did there.

  7. Pat and Sheena - thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Alex - I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Your opinion means a lot to so many of us!

  8. Awesome! I look forward to learning more about your book this April!

  9. Hi Sylvia! Nice to hear background on your wonderful story!

    'Lo, Yolanda! Waving.


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