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Today it's all about fun!
But surprise or maybe not . . .
Stuart West has also just released a new book

One of the most prolific writers I've ever met, Stuart, has released 
12 or is it 13 books since 2013. 
Is that a record?

Mr. Prolific couldn't be here today, but he sent his
favorite serial killer
Leon Garber.

The protagonist or is that antagonist of his Killers Incorporated Series.

Truly, if your MC (main character) is a serial killer is he known as both the protagonist and antagonist? Hmm . . .

We'll research that later. Now onto to our interview with Leon.
I mean, dare I keep the man waiting?

As an introduction, here's what Stuart says about his top killer in Strike 

Leon Garber’s an accountant and occasional assassin. But he’s one of the good guys. See, Leon’s only interested in taking out abusers. He’s not the only serial killer on a mission, though. His past employer Like Minded Individuals, Inc. (LMI for short), employs quite a few. Mostly, Leon was a model employee. Or at least, he was until that little falling-out he had with them last year. Now he’s got a target on his back. He’s seriously out-numbered, but even worse, LMI has hired Leon’s former associate, Cody Spangler, to track him down. Unfortunately for Leon, someone else from Leon’s past, someone he never wanted to see again, has other ideas for Leon’s welfare. 

Welcome to Defending the Pen, Leon. Why don't you tell the readers a little about you?

Thank you for having me, but I think you've just done that. I'm a man on a mission, and as they say on TV, I have some baggage.

Yes, well, true. I guess we all have a little baggage. Please make yourself comfortable. If you prefer I can close the curtains. (The man seems more interested in the street out front.)

No, please, I need to stay alert. Thank you. (He sits on the edge of a chair)

Leon, you're the first serial killer I've invited here. How and why do you kill your victims?

Wait. Um, who told you about me? And this is...not going to be published, correct? And it will be confidential, I assume. Well, first of all, "serial killer" is such a nasty term. I tend to think of my occupation as pest control. All of my "projects" are abusive, horrible monsters. I'm making the world a safer, kinder place. And even though they don't deserved it, I'm very humane in my product disposal.
Yes, very humane. You seem to be able to disappear or recreate yourself on a frequent basis. Did Like-Minded Individuals, Inc. teach you these skills or is this something you pursued and mastered on your own?

I suppose you could say LMI, Inc. was indirectly responsible for this skill set since I've never had to use it before, really, until they came after me. We used to have such a beneficially rewarding relationship; LMI supplied me with a list of abusive projects, false papers, identities and cover jobs. They also offered clean-up crews (although I prefer to clean up after my own projects, not afraid to dirty my hands by good, honest work), and many other perks. All for a hefty price tag, of course. It was very nice. For a while. Until they broke their contract and turned on me.

They have thrown a monkey wrench into the works, but you seem to stay ahead them. Tell us about your lifestyle. It doesn't seem conducive to a relationship, would you like to change that and if so what type of woman would catch your eye and keep your attention?

Of course I would, Yolanda! But...I'm not sure if I could maintain an honest relationship with a woman. After all honesty is the basis for all solid relationships. So I've heard. Alas, my after-hours occupation doesn't exactly lend itself to pillow talk. Having said that...recently I met a beautiful, smart, wonderful woman who's also disenchanted with LMI. The problem? She's somewhat of a "black widow" killer sort. Not sure if I could ever relax. one but you's going to see this, right?
That's why I asked. I notice in Strike that you'd met someone interesting. Will that blossom?

 We'll just have to see how our adventures play out in the final and third memoir, King of Killers.

Is there anything you can tell us about King of Killers?

Um, no. Sorry, Yolanda, it hasn't played out yet. But I imagine things are going to get even uglier.

Well, then we'll end on a positive note. Is there something that you wish to achieve in your lifetime?

Yes, the total destruction of Like-Minded Individuals, it's board members, its corporate holdings and financial empire. Once I achieve that perhaps impossible feat. Then I'll retire. taking on projects. Or I'm going to go down trying. LMI's betrayal--lying to me about my projects being abusers when it was just to further their political and economic goals--is unforgiveable. They're perhaps the worst abusers in the world.
A worthy goal and one I hope you achieve. Nevertheless, what does the future hold once you've achieved that goal?

Yolanda, I'm not sure I HAVE a future beyond today. One day at a time. Thanks so much for keeping this all confidential. I truly appreciate it. It's not often I get to unburden myself to someone. Being a "Like-Minded Individual" is very stressful.

I can understand why. You're a serial killer, a vigilante, a hero with baggage. Truly, that's not a burden I could carry. 

Thank you, Leon, for sharing your story with us.

I wave as he drives away, thankful that he's driving away. Then I rush to the phone to call the Real Estate agent. What was I thinking inviting a serial killer into my home! 

Meet Mr. Prolific the creator of Killers Incorporated, I mean meet Stuart R West, the author of the Killers Incorporated books.

I live in Kansas. It's a curse and a blessing. It's a curse because...well, it's Kansas. But it's great because Kansas is creepy. Lots of cool and strange things happen here in the midwest. I'll be writing about them in both young adult and adult thrillers.

I'm married to a professor of pharmacy (who greatly appreciates that I now prepare dinner for her) and have a 20 year old daughter, who hasn't yet decided what to do with her life. But that's took me 25 years or longer.

Check out my blog at:

What do you think about serial killers turned hero?
Would you allow one of them in your living room?
Have you read any of Stuart West's books?

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  1. haha may never achieve retirement trying to go for such an achievement.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Pat. It does seem like an impossible task doesn't it!

  2. I am very, very intrigued, excellent introduction. Bookmarked for investigation.

    1. Hi Shadow, I'm glad you're intrigued. It a fast fun romp!

  3. Holy smokes! 13? Wow. I'm impressed.

  4. Uh-oh. Don't tell Leon this is on your blog or you may be in big trouble. :P

    1. Hi Chrys, he knows although each time he asked, I just nodded or shook my head, whatever was appropriate. New security in place now! LOL

  5. 13 books since 2013? I haven't even finished 13 chapters in that time. I could definitely take some lessons from him.

  6. Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping by! Wait...this is published? Yeah, Chrys is right. Leon's not gonna be very happy.

    1. Hi Stuart, thanks, you're the one who suggested he do the interview. I blame you, and believe me so will he! :)
      Great series!

  7. That's a lot of books in a short period of time! I've had two come out since then...

    1. Lots of books: Sounds like Pat.

    2. He's such a good writer too. Envious? Oh yeah. Hi Alex, Sandra. Happy Wednesday!

  8. Okay. 13 books isn't QUITE true. One of them is an anthology featuring my first YA book. SO...twelve?

    1. I think the anthology counts. I'm counting mine! :)

  9. Hi, Renee, Hi, Stuart...

    What a fun interview. I've always liked character interviews. It gives clue of who the character is and we may find out something intriguing about the plot...

    Congratulations Stuart, you have accomplished so much in such a short time. ALL the best!

    1. Hi, Michael!
      I like them too, so much fun. Leon is quite the character! LOL

  10. Full disclosure, I'm trying to give this writing thing a full-time swing. Hence my huge amount of books. So far, I've met a varying degree of success. The most important thing in writing? Having an understanding companion with a secure job.

    1. We admire good work. Hi, Stuart! I agree, an understanding supportive spouse is key! Still, I'm slow!

      @YolandaRenee from
      Defending The Pen
      Murderous Imaginings

    2. And my new signature for blog comments, works! Amazing.

  11. Snarky interview. I enjoyed reading this. That's a lot of books to have in such a short time, Stuart. I was amazed. I figure serial killers probably wouldn't turn hero because of the most obvious reasons, Yolanda. But one never knows, right?

    1. It's an idea that's become very popular since Dexter, or maybe before that, but until he hit the airwaves I hadn't seen the idea, or it simply wasn't as popular. :)

      Hi Robyn, I'm working on my post for your blog. Had a character interview, but now I'm rethinking it. Just decide, Renee, just decide! LOL

  12. Excellent interview! Leon sounds like a fascinating character.

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks Sandra! I really love the work BooksWeLove publishing has been doing on my covers as well.

      And thank you, Yolanda, for having Leon on your blog! (Although, um, I'm not sure he feels the same way.)


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