Friday, January 18, 2019

New Priorities

The View from the Patio

Yolanda Renée © 2019                                          January 16, 2019

I’ve been walking. The only real exercise I enjoy. It was part of my New Year Plan. In the past, after I woke up, I drank a glass of water, made a cup of green tea, ate my banana, and then I reached for the computer. No more. Now it’s no computer until the walk is over, and I’ve accomplished at least 5,000 steps. I want 10,0000 steps a day, but for now, 5,000 is good. I finally realized that if I don’t make walking my first priority, it quickly becomes the last thing on my to-do list.

          Not good for a writer who sits all day. We’ll when writing anyway. Believe me, if I could figure out how to do the laundry and other household work while sitting on my butt, I would. But since that can’t be done, and despite the work put into housework, it isn’t enough to keep me fit and trim.
Therefore, the reason for my new policy. It’s all part of the do what I want when I want mantra. This year, health comes first!
Writing comes second. Mainly because I’ve pushed everything aside to write. I’ve done marathon sessions of 18 to 48 hours solely focused on the page. And it’s too much. If I’d have done that with my health and exercise, I’d be the healthiest person in the world. Okay, I exaggerate, but you know what I mean.
I will still pursue some marketing ideas. I’m constantly reading the latest on that, but damn, I’m not throwing money at it anymore. I may be wrong, but all I want to do is finish book five and get it on Amazon. Then I want to re-release the first three books, in an abridged form. And I have a great idea for a new novel set here in Myrtle Beach. I also want to submit some short stories to paying markets.
There you have it, the full scope of my New Year’s Resolutions. Are you still pursuing yours? 
Will we succeed and make it to the 31st?

Or revert to old habits!
     My money is on new habits! How about you?
    But now, I owe you an update on the 31st

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” -; George Eliot

“How the New Year will turn out is entirely up to you. The attitude you bring, the determination you have, the goals you set all will result in the type of year that you will have. So let your attitude be positive, your determination be strong!” - Theodore W. Higginsworth

Friday, January 11, 2019

Beach Reclamation

The View from the Patio

© Yolanda Renée 2019                                                            1/10/2019

“Beach reclamation is the act of reclaiming a beach from erosion. In other words, sand is added to the area that was lost to erosion “reclaiming” the shoreline that once was.”
After several hurricanes, the beaches in Myrtle Beach almost disappeared, but this October they were reclaimed. A dredge scoops up the sand offshore and then it is piped to the beach in the form of a slurry, and as it’s delivered back onto the beach, the dozers spread and compact it. We enjoyed watching the work. They worked night and day, and the picture above is the result. A beautiful beach.
Here are a few pictures that really tell the story!

Very early in the morning. We couldn't sleep so we watched the operation.

The operators of these machines were amazing. They laid the pipe end to end with the skill of a surgeon

These pipes weren’t welded together. A larger end was slid onto the smaller end, and all by the large dozer. Like I said amazing skill!

The slurry was very colorful when it first started through the pipe.
This eight-story machine was used to measure the shoreline so they could determine exactly how much and where the sand was needed.
Just a big truck on long legs that goes out into the surf.
Watching it work was really fun. Especially the night it got stuck in the surf. They worked for hours trying to rescue it. Eventually several of the dozers, via cable, unstuck it. It was then driven back to the beach under its own power. The waves that night were fierce, not nice and quiet like the first picture.

I almost forgot some of the best fun was the way the tourists tried to cross the construction area. The company used fences, yellow tape, signs, and several guards. We were surprised by the number of people who ignored all of it and walked into a dangerous construction zone. All of them were stopped by the guards, and most were kind, sort of like, “Oh sorry, didn’t see that barrier. Didn't notice that you were working.” But some of them were belligerent and hostile to the guards. To no avail though. Still, it was fun to watch. “Oh, you have a sign. Sorry, I can’t read!” 😊

I hope you enjoyed the view. 
Tell me a little about yours!

Friday, January 4, 2019

What is a Word Worth?

The View from the Patio

© Yolanda Renee 2019                                      1/03/2019

         Welcome to 2019 and my attempt at blogging with a purpose. The View from the Patio will feature the actual view on the day it’s written, and the subject is open.

What is the purpose? Good Question. When I figure that out, I’ll let you know. 😊

Since it’s the New Year, I’ll speak to resolutions. The age-old attempt by most of us to start the year with a new goal.

This year I resolve to be real.

To be ME! 

In other words, I’m going to do exactly what I want, when I want, and for whatever reason I choose.

In the past, I’ve played it too safe. I’ve been whatever everyone else wanted me to be. Setting myself up for failure, heartache, and disappointment. Well, no more!

Today I felt like writing a blog, and this is it. Who knows, tomorrow it could be a new novel, an old book, or fun at the library doing research. Or I might write a short story, flash fiction, or poetry. And the most exciting thing is, if I get really ambitious, I might even submit for publication.

We’ll see.

Why the laissez-faire attitude?

Because I can.

Now onto the real subject of the day: I was recently asked to apply for a writing job. It was an opportunity to write short stories in the horror genre.

The parameters were that I’d retain no rights and my name wouldn’t be used. The rate of pay is one cent per word.

3,000 words = $30

5,000 words = $50


10,000 words = $100.


Yeah, my exact response.

I’m a cheap date, but I found that offer to be an insult. Especially when you consider the time and effort involved in the creative process. Or am I the only one who struggles over every word, sentence, and paragraph when I write?

I know my words are worth more than a penny, but what do you think?

How much is a word worth?





remember to
keep it real!

“The greatest challenge in life is to be our own person and accept that being different is a blessing and not a curse. A person who knows who they are lives a simple life by eliminating from their orbit anything that does not align with his or her overriding purpose and values. A person must be selective with their time and energy because both elements of life are limited.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WEP - A New Genesis


A New Genesis

Snow was falling at an angry rate, and Lilith was sure God was to blame. She expected her lover, Lucifer, the man deemed most evil by all of existence, to arrive at any moment.
Watching the dancing flakes from her secure but opulent prison, Lilith waited with zealous expectation, confident that Lucifer would defy both God and the tremendous odds against him to rescue her from exile.

Their union was forbidden, but Lilith couldn’t understand why. Bringing heaven and hell together could be the beginning of world peace. She was sure that together, their reign would benefit mankind. Her love was pure and honest, and she knew she could calm the rage that had grown in Lucifer over their years of separation, leading to an increase in war, disease, and chaos. She alone could help Lucifer see reason, but would he travel the distance? Would he fight the odds for their sacred love?

Ten thousand miles of nothing but fierce icy winds and torrential snow at temperatures that could freeze even the depths of hell. Could her love guide his path, or would the Ice Angels win the day?

She re-read the note he managed to smuggle to her.

Dearest Lilith, my Love:

The night will not defeat us. Our love will be consummated, and peace on earth will result. Prepare yourself, my love. I’ll arrive at the stroke of midnight, and at dawn, a new genesis begins.

Forever yours,


Lilith bathed in rose-scented water and dressed in a seductive, silky white gown. She tied the ribbon of the gown over her breasts and thought of the moment when Lucifer would pull tenderly at its silkiness, and the dress would fall away, revealing all that was his, and his alone. She longed to have him take her in his arms. As for the fires of hell, Lilith’s touch would neutralize the inferno, and together, their children would rule the world.

The clock sounded the first chime of the midnight hour, and the candles’ flames leapt and grew more substantial. Lilith ran to the window and peered out into the vastness, struggling to catch a glimpse of movement through the blanket of snow. A smile touched her lips. There, in the distance, was Lucifer’s chariot, glowing as brightly as the sun. As he drew ever closer, the thundering hooves of the hell beasts shook the ground, and the spears and arrows of the Ice Angels disintegrated on contact with his flame, leaving a black quagmire of death in his wake.

At the last stroke of midnight, Lucifer arrived, and Lilith threw open the door to receive her Prince. She ran into the night and stopped just inches away from him. Their eyes locked, and without speaking, he reached out and delicately untied the silky ribbon that was hiding her from him. The gown fell to her feet in ashes, and Lucifer embraced his Lilith within a maelstrom of blue flames.

The next morning the headlines read: TRUMP DEFEATS HILLARY
FCA / 500 words
Yolanda Renee © 2018
All photographs thanks to UpSplash


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Question - What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?
As I write I’m surrounded by books. I have a comfortable chair, the view or at the least the sound of the waves, a bottle of water, my laptop of course, and my cell phone.

An Update

This year I took the challenge offered by the National Novel Writing Month with the hope of finishing the 5th book in the Detective Quaid Series, MURDER, JUST BECAUSE. I did it, with time to spare, but when I reached 50,000, I was burned out. I had to walk away for a few days. 

Thank goodness I finished right before Thanksgiving, so what better way to recoup than to concentrate on the holiday, family, and shopping. There's still, a long road ahead, but thanks to NANO I'm a lot closer than I was. 

The next step is to begin editing. Chapter by Chapter until the 2nd draft is complete.

I've begun that process this month. At first, because of the burnout, I didn't think I would, but now I'm proceeding. Ready, willing, and able to turn all these words into a book.

Don't forget this month also brings a new 

Wishing you all a successful month and a truly lovely holiday!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

National Novel Writing Month

I will be working on my WIP

Murder, Just Because

Wishing you and all participants


May the writing Gods bless us all!

Consider joining us.

I currently have 23,609 words completed.
Goal is to finish!

See you on the other side.