Wednesday, February 17, 2016



On Valentine's Day
At midnight, my love
The place we met
You'll find me near
Light a candle
And I'll appear

The delivery of white roses and a handwritten poem with the signature LF Slade made the air grow suddenly cold. My heart skipped several beats. A valentine from a dead man or someone's heartless joke? I wasn't amused, but the door was open and hope filled the void.
Valentine's Day, once a fun holiday, was now a day I dreaded. I studied the scribbled words closer. The handwriting was his, the signature, LF Slade was the way we signed all our correspondence. LF meant Love Forever. The word love had lost its luster, so we used LF to convey an emotion that had no description. Silly, but that's what you do during those crazy first months of discovery and passion. Eventually, we laughed about it, but now those letters, those words meant so much more.
         I pulled off the road and followed the overgrown driveway to the cabin. The night was overcast, the rain misting, with temperatures in the low forties. I preferred snow; its brightness would've added enough light to maneuver safely. Instead, the setting was haunting, much closer to Halloween night than a night for lovers.
We'd met on a sunny but snowy day. I'd twisted my ankle on a cross-country ski trail. Hobbling back, I took what I thought was a shortcut to the parking lot and my car, but I'd taken a wrong turn and ended up at Aaron Slade's cabin.
Aaron saw me limping across the lawn, rushed out, and in minutes, I was in front of a warm fire. Hot cocoa, brandy, and a full night of conversation were just the beginning. A year later, in the same cabin, we celebrated Valentine's night under the Snow Moon. Aaron proposed. I whispered, “Yes,” and our future changed. Then the unthinkable happened, a day after proposing, he was gone. Everything he owned remained as it was, but Aaron never returned. I waited but moved to California for a fresh start.
I hadn’t left a forwarding address, so how had he found me? I never shared these details with anyone, but anticipation grew as each of these revelations made an impact.
 Concealed by the trees, I waited, trying to decide if I should approach or if I were only chasing ghosts. I'd hoped to see you, a light, or some movement, but there was none. Gathering my courage, I finally approached the cabin. The key was still hidden under the eve, the rooms empty of intruders. Following your directions, I lit a candle and opened the French doors to the patio.
The breeze shifted the clouds and the moon made an appearance. Our last moment replayed in my head. I recalled how Arron dropped to his knee.
"Marry me and I'll make all your dreams come true,” he had said.
"You already have," I'd whispered.
A sudden wind distinguished the candle’s flame. In the shimmering moonlight, Aaron appeared. He hadn't changed. My apprehension vanished as I stepped into his embrace.

            Then an alarm rang and I awoke to another heartless Valentine's Day.
527 words
Yolanda Renée


  1. What a picture you conjure up with your words, Yolanda. Such passion, such intrigue. Then the ending is like a slap in the face. Such a deep love cut short, alive only in dreams. A great story for the prompt.

    Denise :-)

  2. Yet another WEP post which has made my eyes leak. It is a conspiracy I am sure.
    Haunting, beautiful, heart-rending.

  3. What a sad story! I did not see that coming - waking up to a heartless Valentine's. You always manage to pack in such a tremendous amount of detail in a small word count. I want to know why he apparently abandoned her? He hasn't been murdered, has he? :)

  4. Ah...heartless Valentine. What a familiar sting to that tale.

    You really brought the protagonist's emotion to life, Yolanda.

  5. Ah, beautiful! Those were my first words as I read your story. The ending wasn't what I expected. I just knew he was going to show up. I love the way you ended it. Unfulfilled love that leaves opened lots of questions.
    Great job, Lady.

  6. Oh that twist at the end! I thought for a while that he'd tracked her down after years of amnesia or something similar. How sad to have it be just a dream.

  7. Sad that it was all a dream and left wanting indeed, nice twist.

  8. Some never get to be loved even for a short time. You drew this dream into heartbreaking life. Riveting twist at the end.

  9. Oh, this is so sad. I was so nervous reading as I thought it was going to be some kind of horrible trap she was walking into. Great and heartbreaking twist instead.

  10. How infinitely sad and evocative! I was hoping until the last sentence.

  11. You should see how far my lip stuck out at the end there. *sigh* Appropriately sad and sweet at the same time.

  12. Yolanda, you have once again left me breathless. Your writing is spot on beautiful. How I want to write like you. Yes, the story is sad, but at the same time riveting. And the ending left me with a satisfied sigh. I hope twitter comes to read this. What a magnificent job, my friend.

  13. Oh so sad. A reminder that some loves never get to grow old together.

  14. Oh, cruel. Get me hooked on the story and then pull the rug out from under my feet. Cruel, but good.

  15. Beautifully written and that twist is perfect but sad.

  16. Enigmatic writing. Not entirely in favor of a traditional Valentine's, are you?

  17. I knew there was a twist coming, but I didn't expect a dream. Poor girl:( Hope she finds a handsome distraction in CA!

  18. That was some skilful story telling there. Enjoyed it thoroughly, despite my misgivings, hoping against hope that it would all work out for her.

  19. Oh a bitter sweet dream of remembrance. You have a lovely way of taking a reader's emotions on a roller coaster ride in a short space of time.

  20. Well-written story! It's such a great mixture of hopefulness and sadness.

  21. You weave an engaging story with a sad ending. I like all the mystery. :)

  22. Ah, I was hoping he was a ghost, but it was all just a dream. :( Really great short!


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