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PHOTO PROMPT © Luther Siler


"COD?" I asked the coroner while surveying the area. The patio of Sara Palin's home, a well-known and highly controversial politician.

"By the look on her face, I'd say she was scared to death. Most likely heart attack. You knew her; did she have a bad ticker?"

"Not that I'm aware, but she was scared to death of birds. You think that cluster of yellow feathers had anything to do with her death?"

"In subdued light, it's possible, I'll know more after the autopsy, but really murder by Ornithophobia and piñata. Now I can honestly say I've heard it all!"

100 / words
Yolanda Renee © 2015

COD - means Cause of Death

Ornithophobia is a type of specific phobia, an abnormal, irrational fear of birds.

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  1. Well done as usual. You're magic with these low word count challenges.

  2. What a way to go, maybe create its own urban legend lol

  3. I wonder if you ever thought about picture books? I ask because of your freakin' fantastic ability to write FF at 100 words. WOW. I am so impressed, my friend. Love that ending. I pray all is well?

  4. Ha,ha. Good little story about a murder by bird. I think that bird might scare anybody if it popped up in their house. Good one.

  5. Like the little story. Good lesson in vocab.

  6. Dear Yolanda Renee,

    That's a news story that will go viral. Clever and unique take on the prompt.



  7. The perfect murder, perhaps? Death by Big Bird :-)

  8. Wow my comment has gone the way of never-never land
    in more then one of this groups stores.
    Still a nice murder start. Now who did it?

  9. Lovely story. A severe fear of birds?
    Yikes! Now I've seen it all too.


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