Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Created by Alex J. Cavanaugh 
Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!
The co-hosts for the August 5 posting of the IWSG are Nancy Gideon, Bob R Milne, Doreen McGettigan, Chrys Fey,Bish Denham, and Pat Garcia! 

Yes, you've seen my greatest insecurity before – social networking. But thanks to Alex J Cavanaugh, and the IWSG, and all your cool suggestions regarding networking and blogging, I'm making headway.

Even though I don't own a cell phone, I'm even getting things done via twitter. Although, I'm far from an expert. I did join a few flash fiction challenges @writingprompts and the 6 word challenges WOW! Yeah it's an addiction.

Have you made any headway with social networking - 
have a new success story to share? 
Please do...

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If you still don't know enough about me I'm doing an interview with Ann Noser at the Black Cat Blog today. Stop by and say hello!

Also, Ricardo Sanchez is guest posting on Murderous Imaginings today and it's all about murder - SHARKS ARE WIMPS.

Nilanjana Bose is one of the authors in this Love Story anthology.

Nila is an awesome poet, an amazing writer.

IndiBlogger is a free online platform with over 35,000 Indian bloggers and five lakh articles. IndiBlogger was formed to promote the art of blogging. Every day, bloggers submit their writing from poetry and stories to articles that elaborate on their life experiences and give their creativity an outlet. This book is a collection of short stories of some of the best writers registered on the IndiBlogger platform.


The WEP has posted the link sign up for the first challenge this year Spectacular Settings. Have you signed up? If not, why not, it's the best way to write, get immediate feedback, polish, and then send it off for publication. Ideal! Check it out HERE!


  1. Yolanda, I'm in awe of your awesomeness with Twitter. You're a fast learner. Social networking is fun, but oh such a time waster isn't it? Still, it's a necessary when you're a writer.

    Hope I get time to pop over to Black Cat Blog. You know my constraints today. Maybe tonight.

    Wonderful about Nila. I tried to buy the other day it then discovered it's not out yet. But I certainly will.

    Awesome turn out for WEP so far. Here's hoping for many more!

    Catch you later!

    Denise :-)

    1. Thanks Denise, I'm trying, it's the hashtag thing I'm trying to get used to, eventually!

      Yes, so cool about Nila, it's in preorder - I can't wait to get my copy either.

      Interviews are getting harder and harder - I've done a few now and coming up with something new is difficult but Ann did a great job coming up with unique questions.

      Have a great visit with family. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. #YolandaRocks

    That's all it takes... a great idea or thing you want to share, and shove it in front of a hashtag.


    Oh, and I completely agree with Denise, Twitter (that's all I have re. social media) is such a timewaster, but so much fun :)

    Have a great #IWSG, Yolanda :)

  3. I don't do much with my cell phone other than text my hubby and BFF, but I'm on my laptop all day long. Social networking is crucial unless you have loads to spend on advertising. You may not get many sales from Twitter or FB, but if you're doing a giveaway, these places work well. And who can buy your books if no one knows about them? So it's important to develop online networks.

    Good luck with your flash fiction challenges - they sound fun! Have a great week! :)

  4. I'm glad to hear you got some good advice that has helped you out :) That's what this community is great for!

  5. I signed up for WEPFF. Finally.
    I must check out the flash fiction challenges you mentioned.
    I'd love a copy of Nila's book. She writes wonderful poetry. She has a lovely voice.
    Will pop over to the Black Cat blog later...
    Happy IWSG Day, Yolanda.

  6. I've made very little headway with social networking, sadly.... *sad face*

  7. I don't own a cell phone either, but I keep up all right with social media... I think! :) Have a great day!

  8. I mainly only use twitter besides the blog, gained 77,000 followers over the years, so I must be doing something right.

  9. I have a cell phone, but I don't use it much. It's my alarm clock and occasionally I check email. Social media can be fun, but sometimes it baffles me. I have no idea what Google + is.

  10. I'm not a social media buff, I'm afraid. So many writers I know are and I'm in awe of them. You're busy today, it seems.

  11. I'm not a social media buff, I'm afraid. So many writers I know are and I'm in awe of them. You're busy today, it seems.

  12. And here I thought I was the last one on the planet to get a cell phone...
    I'm considering branching out to another social network, just not sure which one yet.

  13. I'm really starting to enjoy Pinterest now. Although it's so addictive.

  14. Good for you on making progress in social networking! I'm on Goodreads, and I have my blog but that's it. Not planning on doing anything else right not but never say never. :)

  15. Thanks much, Yolanda for the support! It's such a thrill to see that particular book here!

    I do have a cell phone but am terribly inept with most social media. Kudos for managing it so well!

  16. I don't have a cell phone either and I'm getting into Twitter too. I need to try those 6 word challenges because they sound like fun! :)

  17. I'm a pretty fast learner, but the Twitter platform isn't my best cup of tea. I've been on for quite a while and only recently reached1,000 followers. I like sharing content, but I just don't feel like shairing stuff that often. Oh well.

  18. I use Twitter far too much when I'm working, but it's a fantastic place to connect with other writers!

  19. I have a twitter, facebook page, blog, instagram, pinterest and wattpad (and that's just for writing related). It's a hassle making sure everything has something fresh and interesting on it, but I'm managing.
    I think maybe it's too much, but on pinterest I only pin things occasionally (and the only writing related bit is my inspiration board). My wattpad is sorely lacking, but I will post short stories here and there. The rest are mostly connected. When I post on one, the rest post too.
    But it seriously took me a LONG time to figure all this crap out and I'm still confused every other day about random things. Me and tech are not best buddies :(

  20. Hi, Renee,

    NO CELL PHONE.... EEEK! I don't know what I'd do without my iPhone... but I do have a business and it is necessary to keep in touch with my clients.

    Very excited about the challenge. I hope I haven't forgotten how to write something new. In edits for years now, I'm sure I remember how... LOL. But I'll give it the old college try! LOL

  21. I do have a cell phone but it is as if I didn't. I almost never use it. I still stink at social media, let alone writing flash fiction in twitter. Hats-off to you! Dragon Hugs!

  22. Good luck getting more comfortable with social networking! Writing to prompts is always fun. At least I enjoy it.

  23. I'm getting better at social media, but I'm still not comfortable with it yet. Now that I have a smart phone, it's a lot easier for me to keep up, but I'm not very efficient. Getting there, though.

  24. Missed you girl!!! Will be easing back into the blogosphere after a lengthy hiatus, starting with your Spectacular Settings!!


  25. Hey everyone, thanks so much for the comments, it's a busy day IWSG Wednesday. So many blogs to visit, and such awesome news from so many of you. Hope all your writing dreams come true very, very soon!


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