Thursday, October 7, 2021

Dancing Bones the Devil's Delight


Sabina Music Rich on Unsplash

Dancing Bones

See that beautiful girl

at one time,

she was all mine

but I held on too tight

we got in a fight

now my bones

are all that's left of me

while my girl sings,

and dances, she laughs

and buys pretty things

for my bones hang 

high from a tree

I meant to kill her

and bury her deep

but she made a deal with the devil

and now I'm the one to dance and weep

she got a new life

and a new love

and each October

when the clock tolls midnight

I dance to her laughter

and the devils

sheer delight

for with the murderer

turned victim

the beast now has

two new souls

added to his account

this Halloween night.

 Yolanda Renée  (C) 2021




  1. Not certain that my comment 'took'. If you get two, feel free to delete.
    Thank you for your plethora of posts to get us 'in the mood'. I dance on the dark side myself and particularly liked this one...

    1. This one took just fine. I was inspired on a beautiful sunny day to just write. So I did. Thrilled that you enjoy them!

  2. Love it - you always go in unexpected ways - and it's delightful!

    1. Thanks, Jemi. I do love Halloween! It gives you such freedom... :)

  3. terrific poem!
    sheer delight!
    happy halloween =D

    Tara Tyler Talks


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