Monday, October 11, 2021

A Date on Halloween


Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

A Date on Halloween

 A walk in the woods

my date insists

to a dilapidated home

why not roam.

 Once inside,

the temperature changes

a cold spot

to warn of the dangers

 Upstairs a silvery-white apparition

with no definition

my date laughs

and I join in.

 A door slams

I jump in shock

then a chair rocks

and I grab his hand.

 Ice dances

up my spine

but his

touch gives me hope.

Can they hurt us?

No, we'll be fine, he blurts.

Then a blood-curdling scream

roots me to the scene.

 Too scared to move

what does it mean?

I ask my date.

but he's nowhere in sight.

 I shiver in sheer fright

too scared to turn

beyond frightened to learn

who it is

that's holding my hand

this Halloween fright.

 Yolanda Renée  (C) 2021



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