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Very cool Halloweeny fun here! Hi, I'm Charmaine Clancy, I write children's and teens fiction. My most popular novel is very suited to Halloween, it's called My Zombie Dog...

Take one shy teenage boy, a dopey best mate, a granny who's lost her marbles (and teeth), a kid sister who bites back and a smelly demon dog. 
What you'll get is My Zombie Dog. 

All Zane wants for his birthday is a dog. A real dog. A guy's dog. But his mom brings home this little mutt and wants to call it 'Fluffy'. Seriously? It's shaggy, smells undead and bites people. And why does its victims all turn sluggish and keep asking Zane for brains? One by one, everyone he knows is becoming infected. Join Zane as he takes on the neighborhood zombie plague.

Now, onto Yolanda's cool Halloween quiz, I'm a bit scared to find out what happens if I get any wrong answers!

1. You're the last person to die in your favorite horror movie, what's the name of the movie and how do you die? 

I'm the fool who goes and prods the 'dead' body of the killer. Who knew he'd rise for one last kill?

2. In a remake of Friday the 13th – you play Jason – what would be your method of execution for all your victims? 

I'd read memoir-poetry about lost love and the abyss before the kill. This is the kind side of Jason, prepping victims so they want to die.

3. In a remake of Halloween, you are one of the victims – describe the scene and your grisly death. 
The stake skewered her like a marshmallow kebab and she fell, not a 'Hundreds and Thousands sprinkling', but 'dropping a raw egg, cracking the shell and spilling the yolk to fry in the pan' type of fall. On the pavement, her life spread beneath her, like sauce on a meat pie. She'd always hated meat pies.

4. In a remake of the 1974 movie Young Frankenstein – which character would you play and why. 

The lesser noticed stalker who thinks Frankenstein is just misunderstood and needs her love to set him straight.

5. In the Walking Dead, you and another character have survived the zombies, so far. You're on the move, but the individual with you is a wimpy scaredy cat, but oh so hot, still they keep drawing attention to you and your position and it's almost certain they will get you killed. What do you do - leave them for the zombies and save yourself? 

My opinion on what's hot changes after the zombie apocalypse -- baby blues and cheesy grins are out, being a sure-shot with a crossbow, tattoo adorned and knowing how to fry up squirrel is the new sexy.

6. You're headed to a Masquerade party as your favorite horror character and at midnight, you are transformed into your character until sunrise. Who is this character and how many victims would you claim by sunrise? 

I'd probably copy Anya from Buffy and go as a big pink rabbit. Not too many victims, just that annoying neighbour insisting I try her carrot dip.

7. Share with us your scariest ghost story – or nightmare – or tell us what scares you the most and why. 

I have a saying that drives my kids crazy, '... it's the ONE thing that scares me.' This is mostly because I actually have a list of about 42 things that make me squeal and run. But the thing that scares me the most, more than needles, flying, spiders, balloons, street performers, talking on the phone to strangers... well anyway, more than those, is ZOMBIES! I would prefer to be chased by a speedy werewolf than a shuffling zombie any day. It's not the death or the eating of the brains that scares me--those guys are all icky in a festering way. I don't want them to TOUCH me.

Phew! I think I survived the quiz. Thanks for hosting me on your site Yolanda... wait... what's that scraping noise coming from the basement? Hmm, seem the lights are out and my torch batteries are dead. Wait here, I'll go down and check it out with only these last three matches to light my way... I'll be right back...

Charmaine never returned... Bwahahaha ... but you can find her online 'presence' haunting these spots:
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    1. That was so much fun Yolanda, thanks for having me (message from the beyond).

    2. I take it you haven't been following The Walking Dead then?
      Your method of killing people if you were Jason made me chuckle!

    3. Frying up a squirrel sexy? I suppose if zombies surround it could be haha

    4. Ha! What a fabulous interview. :) The book sounds hilarious, too. Thanks for sharing, ladies!

    5. If i ever find myself in a horror movie I hope I have Charmaine to lead me to safety. Not sure there's any way to escape from memoir-poetry though. The horror, the horror...

    6. That zombie lover is one scary chick. Hawhawhaw! The Zombie Dog is one hilarious book. Grab it if you haven't already!
      Thanks for the entertainment, Charmaine and Yolanda! D

    7. Hi Yolanda and Charmaine,

      A pawesome interview. A pink bunny costume suits you. As for me, not worried about Zombie Dogs. Nope, it's the pesky puparazzi that always hound me, that worries me. The life of a celebrity, eh Charmaine :)

      Thanks for this interview, Yolanda and Charmaine.

      Pawsitive wishes,

      Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

    8. I'm late on stopping by but this was a fun one! Glad I took the time. :)


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