Friday, June 9, 2017


When the sky is pink
does it make you think?

When the sky is blue
are you?

When the sky is gray
does your mood fray?

When the sky is red
does your soul feel bled.

When the sky is white
are shivers your plight?

When the sky is black
do you wish the color back?

How does color influence your day?


  1. Hi Yolanda - what a great post - loved it. Colours are so important and I love learning more about them and how we get colours. At the moment I'm enjoying the changing of the season - though I'd love Spring to stay around a little longer - but nature gives us such different colours ... I think I've developed lack of enjoyment of winter - yet still revel when a snowscape turns up - thankfully we rarely get it bad down here. I hope the colours for you are the comfortable ones with a heady glow of wonder ahead ... take care - cheers Hilary

  2. It can affect mood.
    When the sky is black...then I hope I've brought a light, because it's nighttime.

  3. When across the sky
    The colors fly
    I just don't look
    Wait for mother nature to cook
    Then back comes the blue
    Or maybe a rainbow hue
    And then I'll look
    I keep a light to deter a crook.

  4. Those are some pretty colors. A grey day would make me think of Oregon. (Because I don't remember too many beach trips with blue sky. Or when it wasn't raining.) Purple would feel peaceful as it would remind me of the amazing sunsets in Albuquerque.

  5. Not really. Maybe its because I'm very artistic in a variety of styles that use color (painting, tapestry, photography), but I see the value in all colors.

    The only color I don't really enjoy seeing is acid yellow, but the rest, I just take in the colors in terms of the overall picture they make. :-)

  6. I'm sure color has a huge affect on mood. It's hard to stay sad when the sky is bright blue and the ocean reflects it. Much easier to be blue when it's raining. At the moment, my skies are a nice shade of blue. Hopefully, yours are too. :-)

  7. I admit it. My mood is affected by the weather. Give me a cloudy day and all I want to do is curl up with a book. But let the sun come out, like this morning, and I am raring to go.

  8. Pretty pictures!
    I love colorful accessories, e.g. a bright scarf or bangles/beads...or a dash of bright pink lipstick.

  9. Love the poem and the photos, Yolanda! My mood does tend to fray when the sky is grey. Vivid colours bring me back to life. Cheers! ☺

  10. Color definitely affects our moods. And, I admit, I like all the colors the sky can show off. I even enjoy gray rainy days as long as they don't last for days and days and days...

  11. Stunning images! It's amazing how the sky can inspire such a range of emotions.

  12. Clever use for these amazing photos.....Nice bits of poetry, too!

  13. A thoughtful post, Yolanda. I hope your mood is bright and cheery today. Colour always affects my mood and I can't wear orange coz that makes me volatile :) Take care and thank you for sharing.


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