Wednesday, March 1, 2017


First, I have to say thank you, to everyone who’s supported me these last few months while I work to achieve a goal – the completion of my novelette the Snowman.

My appreciation is 10-fold, truly, as I’ve been horribly absent from the social side of blogging due to this deadline, but your support has meant the world.

I’d initially thought I’d be announcing the completion of Motive for Murder, and while I gave it everything I had, I couldn’t seem to get it to gel. Not yet – maybe later – maybe never.

But, the Snowman has gelled. Stowy Jenkins, aka Stone (his artistic pseudonym) aka the Snowman, demanded my attention, and I gave it to him.

Therefore, he granted me two books. Well, a novelette, sans the Snowman, and the next novel in the Detective Quaid series, Murder, Just Because.

I don’t think of my time writing Motive for Murder a complete loss, it's just NOT this books time.

Which leads me to this month’s IWSG Question, very apropos by the way!

Because when you consider the time and effort that I’ve put into Motive for Murder, it does sting a bit that I can’t make it happen as a novel right now. Still, I don’t count it out .. not yet!

IWSG Question: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

Many times, I have a storehouse of short story ideas that I go back to, especially when I need something in a pinch, or if a prompt reminds me of something I’ve already penned.

Many a time, I’ve sat down and written something  inspired by something seen or done that day. You never know when an idea will grow into a full-fledged book.

So, there’s hope for Motive for Murder, right?

What about you?
Have you ever shelved an entire novel?

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 Maggy struggled against the restraints. “Please don’t do this.” her voice wavered in her throat.
Stone tilted the autopsy table and locked it in place. The old relic, now refurbished, worked like new.
Stone’s heart raced. “Oh, but I do.” he said silkily. “I need your blood to create the new colors for my latest masterpiece."
"I'll give you my blood. As much as you like.”
"I know, sweetheart.  I know." Stone smoothed the sweat soaked hair back from her face. "Sweet little Maggy. So lovely of you to offer."



  1. I have several short story ideas sitting in my files. Some might someday make it to novel status. I think the important thing is to have soemthimg you can fall back on someday. You're right, some stories just haven't come into their time yet, but they are not a waste of word count. sometimes stories take a long time to ferment, but the are awesome when their time comes.

    Be patient. At least you have other works that are earning their keep ;)

  2. Awesome! I'll sign up to help.
    It's frustrating when it doesn't work no matter how hard you try. I've reworked a story idea for over a year and it's time to let it go.

  3. Sometimes it sure can be a pain, but I'm too stubborn and I'll get it to work. But getting more done sure can't be beat.

  4. I think it's really important to be able to recognize when something in our work doesn't gel. We don't want to force anything if we can help it.

    And yes, I have totally trunked whole mss. Some will never see the light of day while others might get new life at some point.

  5. Writing is never wasted! We learn so much from those earlier drafts.

  6. I agree that writing is never wasted. And you must go with the stories that call you. It's tough. I've signed up for the tour! :)

  7. Wishing you all the best for the success of The Snowman.

    It's good to have a storehouse of written material, but it's best when you do something with it as you have. I've got plenty of stuff on my shelves. Someday I need to dust some of it off and start writing and completing work.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  8. Hopefully you'll one day go back to Motive for Murder and it will work out. I'll keep hoping the same for my ghost story.

  9. Congrats on the Snowman and his inspiration for your story and novel! I signed up (I think). In case I did something wrong, I'd like to do a feature on May 12. :)

  10. OMG, girl! You really ratcheted up the creep factor in that excerpt, didn't you? Your new book promises to be bloody good. (HA)

    You know I'll help however I can. If you want to send me an advance copy, I'd be more than happy to read it and write a review. For now, I'll visit that blog tours site and see if this old broad can figure out how to sign up for it. :)

    1. (sigh) I was just kidding about seeing if I could figure out how to sign up for the blog tour. Evi-damned-dently, I really AM an old broad. I was gonna sign up for May 19, but couldn't see any way to do it. Now I'm feeling both old AND dumb... :)

  11. YES! I've shelved an entire novel. It's a sad, sad day. But hey, look at you getting something ready to head out the door! I'm feeling so behind this year.

    Yikes! Snowman for sure. I shouldn't have read that. Totally creeped out now.

  12. Hi Yolanda.
    You've read my blog so you know what I did. I can't mixed a lot of blogging with writing, so I only do two thinks, at the moment anyway. I blog for IWSG and also for WEP. I do have an idea that may increase my blogging slightly.

    Congratulations on getting another book ready.

  13. I have several first drafts of novels that probably won't go any further. But they might, so I still have them.

  14. I love the cover for the Snowman and how exciting that the novella gave you an idea for a new novel! Very cool. Just signed up for the tour - looking forward to being part of it. :)

  15. That icy blood chills my spine, Yolanda. Good luck and congratulations, too. I understand the feeling of not getting a story to do exactly what you want it to, so you have my sympathy and encouragement.

  16. You've been working a lot on The Snowman. I can see the difference. :) Congratulations! And Murder, Just Because is an awesome title.

  17. Many congrats on The Snowman! That's great, Yolanda!
    I'm betting at some point you are going to come back to Motive and it will gel and be everything you hoped for and more.

  18. Great cover for The Snowman, Yolanda. You'll get Motive for Murder when the time comes, I'm sure. You can do it!

  19. Well, if you mean "shelved" like waiting in the wings, then yes. I have 1.75 novels waiting around for me to get back to them. One is a full rough draft full of huge problems. Then there's a half-novel sitting around with pages of research notes attached - I do want to finish it, someday. And, there's one I started last year, wrote into a fiery ditch, and left.
    Currently, I'm struggling to stay with the WIP from last fall and I keep fiddling with another idea, so I'm not sure if it won't be 2.75 novels waiting soon. I really have to get one of them done-done. :)

  20. GREAT excerpt! No wonder this one drove you! Go where the passion leads you and if it leads you back to that previous work, go for it!

  21. Hi Yolanda. Congrats on that killer cover. Awesome. Love the colours and love knowing that's your own knife! The time will come for Motive for Murder I'm sure.

    Has Pamela asked you about sending me a book for review for your tour? When you're ready, hon!

  22. Congrats on The Snowman! Sometimes we're not ready to work on a certain novel, but that doesn't mean the time won't come for it. So far I haven't permanently shelved a project. It may take time to get back to some of them, but I still see potential in them, even if they turn out 90% different from the original.


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