Thursday, March 2, 2017


I was privileged to watch a storm,
miles from shore.
So lovely!
Lightening flashes above the clouds,
and in the clouds,
they lit up the morning sky.
so far away
I couldn't hear the cracks of thunder.

My own private fireworks show.

Such a beautiful sunrise.

I am blessed!


In case you missed the IWSG post I've added the sign up information for the Blog Tour for the Snowman!

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 Maggy struggled against the restraints. “Please don’t do this.” her voice wavered in her throat.
Stone tilted the autopsy table and locked it in place. The old relic, now refurbished, worked like new.
Stone’s heart raced. “Oh, but I do.” he said silkily. “I need your blood to create the new colors for my latest masterpiece."
"I'll give you my blood. As much as you like.”
"I know, sweetheart.  I know." Stone smoothed the sweat soaked hair back from her face. "Sweet little Maggy. So lovely of you to offer."



  1. At sunrise? Now that is unusual. Cool way to watch a storm.

  2. Watching a storm in the clouds is always so amazing. Beautiful sunrise photo.

  3. That would be a good way to watch a storm, from far away.

  4. We've had a lot of storms the past couple of days. Lots of thunder and lightning for the beginning of March.

    I'm all signed up to help a gal out!

  5. Storms at sunrise are unusual. Lovely though. Good luck with your new book. Sounds quite gruesome LOL. Is it a series or a stand alone?

  6. We saw several thunderheads from a distance when we took a cruise years ago. It was almost surreal.


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