Monday, September 21, 2020

Sweet Revenge - A Halloween Challenge

It's Time!

A   Blue Moon  on
What could be better?

 October 31, 2020, at 12:49 AM.

Are you ready?
To help inspire you, 
Here is the last installment of 
Blood Moon.
It's title

Sweet Revenge


If you missed the first three excerpts just click the link:
Romance & Death

Sweet Revenge

         It took me several years to learn the secret of the mountain. Each anniversary of my death, I would get to relive the horror of that night. It took a while, but I learned that if I quit fighting the forest, I could separate myself from the event. 
          The next time Kyle brought his fun to the mountain on a Halloween, I was ready. 
           Do you see him? His bones are bleaching in the sun. He came back to me, and revenge was ever so sweet.
         The young girl he brought with him was led safely to the main road by the forest. Help came for her in the form of a couple returning home from a Halloween party. She is safe and now sharing her tale of horror with the authorities. Soon they'll be searching the woods for Kyle and his victims. They'll find most of them, and they'll find me, but Kyle is here to stay. He's mine—a plaything to help me while away the years.
           I tortured, killed, and thoroughly relished his screams. I told you revenge is sweet, and the music of it even sweeter!
         The forest, my new friend, cooperated fully. The brambles stripped him of his clothes, and using their sharp thorns, they ripped the skin from his body. His howls were a melody like no other. All the animals joined in, and I danced to the macabre tune.
         Tree roots pulled his limbs from his body, slowly, but deliberately. His shrieks were a crescendo that I still hear echoing in the loneliest hours of the night.
         Rocks and boulders covered him. Using their weight, they crushed the life out of him, slowly. His last breath was like a caress, sweet, warmorgasmic. Heavenly.
         Before he died, I plucked his eye out and stuffed it down his throat. I left him one eye, so he could watch me dance on his grave. I did to him all that he did to me and more. The pain he experienced, the terror he felt, is like having life returned. The memory of it I relive each night. I dance in the moonlight and relish the peace of the wind in the trees. 
          My treesmy mountainmy home!
         Beware, dear friend, for if you visit my new abode with evil in mind, we'll be waiting. The forest and I have honed our skills.

The end 
or is it?

Are you ready for the challenge now?

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Sweet Revenge

Have I enticed you?
Is your writing muse tingling?
Then join the WEP in October for
the Halloween Challenge!

A Grave Mistake, you ask?
Well, what in the hell is that?
Well, dear friend
It’s the next WEP task.
And believe me
there’s many away
Where errors take sway
Where ghosts and ghoulies will play
and many unorthodox ideas
 rue the day.
So, get out your pens and pads.
We’ve given you
A dare for your best scare
Because Halloween is for all
And who knows?
You may take
first prize for your Grave Mistake!


  1. Vengeance is a very, very tasty dish indeed, at any temperature. And calorie free.

  2. Her revenge was perfect and oh so fitting. Great story!

  3. That eye down the throat was a great touch, super creepy. But what I'd really like to know is the mountain's secret. If we don't fight the pandemic, will it go away? Now why does that remind me of a certain gentleman? ;)

  4. Hi Yolanda - love the image ... it's horrific - however Kyle's way of life you've really strangled ... he must be living the horror all the time - even in his masked grave. Really well written - and I suspect there'll be another episode ... wonderful writing - just watch that mountain - all the best - Hilary


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