Monday, September 7, 2020

Hunted - A Halloween Challenge

It's Time!

A Blue Moon will occur on
 October 31, 2020, at 12:49 AM.

Are you ready?
To help inspire you, 
Here is the second installment of my short story
Blood Moon.
It's title



If you missed the first installment 
just click HERE!


I knew you'd be back. No one wants to miss out on the details of my death. After all, it's almost time for Halloween. And the gorier, the better, isn't that it? That's fine. I understand. Because this couldn't possibly happen to you. You'd have been smarter, more aware, less trusting. Yeah, I'll bet.
     So okay, you're curious. You want to know how a girl like me ended up on a mountain top surrounded by nothing but the darkness and trees. Thousands of silent trees, watching and waiting. They knew where the demon hunting me was located, but they refused to tell me. I could hear them whispering, laughing, even making bets on how and when he would catch me.
     Evil. The night was filled with it. I'm just not sure if he brought the malevolence or if it already existed, and he just learned how to harness it, but it's my goal to find out. I have the time…all the time in the world!
     But back to the hunt. Naked and with my hands still tied behind my back, he unchained me from his bed. His laughter reverberated as he calmly stood there sharpening his knife.
     "Run," he said. "See how far you get before I find you and demonstrate just how loving I can be." He licked the length of his knife and smiled. "Go. I always give them one last chance." Then he turned away, and I took off.
     I ran straight into the darkness and was enveloped into a pit of horror. The brambles tore at my skin, ripped tiny holes that seeped with blood and burned like fire. Even the ground betrayed me. The dead leaves and brittle branches crunched and snapped, breaking the silence and gave away my location. But the worst was the tiny stones that tore holes in the bottoms of my soft feet and left bloody footprints my pursuer could smell. Because obviously, the monster caught me. Of course, he was familiar with the area, but with the help of the forest, how could he fail? The creep grew up here. The bastard had honed his murderous craft in these woods.
     My monster loved the hunt, relished the capture, but he cherished the kill.

To be continued…

Join me next week when

I’ll publish the third installment of Blood Moon!



Have I enticed you?
Is your writing muse tingling?
Then join the WEP in October for
the Halloween Challenge!

A Grave Mistake, you ask?
Well, what in the hell is that?
Well, dear friend
It’s the next WEP task.
And believe me
there’s many away
Where errors take sway
Where ghosts and ghoulies will play
and many unorthodox ideas
 rue the day.
So, get out your pens and pads.
We’ve given you
A dare for your best scare
Because Halloween is for all
And who knows?
You may take
first prize for your Grave Mistake!


  1. You excel at nastiness.
    Which I read very, very happily. During daylight hours.

  2. Agree with EC. Strictly daytime reading! :)

  3. I see E.C. and Nitanjana are like me, daytime readers that LOVE your stories. Can't wait to see what the third installment brings.

  4. Hi Yolanda - ooh really gruesome ... and I'm glad it's still daylight. Running through the forest with my hands tied behind my back - no thank you ... making me feel sore now. Very visual with all that tension building ... just not nice!

    Take care and I hope all safe ... I'll dream something up for the next WEP ... all the best - Hilary


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