Love & Revenge: Tales of Murder & Romance


Love & Revenge

Tales of Murder & Romance

Yolanda Renée


These short stories are all about Love and Revenge: Tales of Murder & Romance, literally. After all, love is a top motivator for murder? In the first short story, Love & Revenge, a young author meets the man of her dreams, but revenge takes hold of her life.

Then you'll find a selection of thirty-one flash fiction stories that detail more of life's mysteries.

In the short story Blood Moon, a ghost gets revenge on her killer in a very paranormal way.

In The Perfect Murder, a young wife who may have done the impossible, gotten away with murder.

In the short story Escape, a widower finds a new life by stealing his best friend's life.

The last short story in the book is all about Sheila. Sheila is a lovely girl, she has just one flaw. She lives to kill, and her list of victims would attest to that…if they were speaking.



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