Monday, February 1, 2021

A Garden For All

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

A Garden for All

 I plant hundreds of bulbs in the fall

anticipating colorful blooms next spring,

such a delight.

But under my nose in the dark of night

pesky squirrels dig and dig until they have taken them all.


I wait with anticipation but to my horror

in early April, then May, no blooms appear.

This mystery has to wait

for it's a garden, I must create.


I buy half-grown bushes, with flowers already popping.

This time I watch, as the deer, rabbit, groundhog,

and squirrels continue their robbing.

My garden is once again, bloomless.

As the mystery's answers unashamedly appear.


I curse those pesky invaders as I watch them cavort.

They play, and they hop, but their murdering essence I must stop.

After hours of research, new plants are bought.

A new garden planted

All in an effort to stop the evil wrought.


My garden is lovely

with flowers and shrubbery

in all their beautiful glory

a fitting end for this sordid tale

of creatures who love to forage.

Copyright 2020 Yolanda Renée


  1. Our pests are different but the damage the same. And I have yet to find plants which discourage them. I have frequently turned the air around me a sulphurious shade as I curse, and curse (and weep a little).

    1. I've done the same, more than once. :) Love those little critters unless they're hungry.

  2. You just have to find what the critters don't eat.

  3. I'm glad you finally found the answer to those pesky critters, but meanwhile, you've given them some interesting sustenance!

    1. LOL I moved to the beach. No squirrels, no deer, no groundhogs. Haven't even seen a rabbit. Birds though, lots of them too!

  4. Hi Yolanda - gardens are special ... but birds by the strand-line you can't help but accept them! So pleased you've managed to have a garden and now it's there ... you'll be able to maintain it. Living without a garden at the moment is something I definitely miss ... but get on with things and enjoy others' ... stay safe and all the best - Hilary

    1. I'm lucky the gardens around the complex is filled with lovely flowers.

    2. Hi Yolanda and Nila see post up today 14 Feb ... gardens 'What is a Garden' ... nature creates and nature takes away ... our eyes can see beauty when they need to ... you are lucky that the gardens are looked after for you ... enjoy that beauty ... and today - Hilary

  5. At least you have the option of having a container garden on your patio, eh? Lots easier to take care of, and no critters to steal the fruits of your labor. :) Here, my daffodils are up about six inches, and the hyacinths are up about three. I hope that means spring is right around the corner.

    1. With the winds on an almost constant blow and the threat of hurricanes we've decided against that luxury. But as I said above. the grounds are filled with lovely flowers.

  6. My garden is very small and the only pests I have to handle are the dwarves, lucky me. At least you got to see some flowers in the end!

    1. Dwarves may be pests, but I imagine they help out in a pinch!

  7. This poem made me laugh, Yolanda! I had a garden many years ago, and the drought, hail, and gobblers broke me. Now I live in a townhome and the association takes care of the landscaping. Whew. I admire gardeners who are persistent. If I ever have a garden again I'll just plant it as a Come and Eat Wildlife Garden. Enjoy your garden!!!

  8. Thanks for the smile! Your poetry made me wonder - do only plants/flowers make a garden? I'll have to think about that... :)


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