Monday, February 12, 2018


The night the fog descended.

It moved quickly to enfold the world.

Everything disappeared.

For 4 days the world was a blur.
Then a glimpse was given.

Today the blue sky returned.

And along with it.



  1. Hi Renee - so glad to see the clear clarity has returned; a foggy mind doesn't help any of us - yet when the world closes in and fog is all around us too - then that beautiful orb really helps us regain our souls ... cheers from a very clear blue, but chilly, sky of Vancouver Island ... Hilary

  2. The procession with the photos is really cool. At least you can see now!

  3. Can see clearly now that the fog is gone!

  4. I love that the first ones are in B&W. Adds to the eerie.

  5. Love the progression of pictures from fog to clarity.


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