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Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner is hosted by Roger Shipp. A weekly writing challenge designed for both the flash fiction newbie and the more experienced writer. An opportunity to clear the cobwebs from a more tedious and involved project. Please consider joining this new and growing writer’s community. It might be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate your writing juices.
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This challenge is open until 11:00 pm Thursday night, January 28th, 2016.

  • The word limit is 200 wordsI've chosen to keep my contributions to 100 words.
  • There is also a first sentence prompt with each photograph. This time the sentence was "Enough is enough."I ignored the first sentence this time. My story went in a whole other direction.
  • Each flash fiction piece should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. No serial stories. It is harder to stay abreast of a serial story. (Please keep content PG-13.)
  • Please post the picture and remember the copyright.
  • Post your flash fiction response by clicking on THIS LINK. Follow the given directions.
  • Please give feedback – all participants appreciate your reaction to their work.
Posted on January 22, 2016 by rogershipp


"Blue and white tennis shoes," She whispered, as memories poured forth. "Jeans, light blue shirt."

"Go on."

Jenny sighed but put all her strength into answering. "Red eyes."


"No. Blood red pupils."

Detective Samples shook his head as he recorded her words. "Tell me about his hair?"

"Shoulder length, black, and wavy." Jenny grimaced.

He knew she was in pain, but he couldn't delay his questions. "Anything else?"

Her eyes widened. Her voice shook. "His fangs were bright white."

Jenny lost consciousness. The machines alarmed.

Detective Samples stepped back as doctors and nurses rushed in.

Fangs? She said fangs!

100 words
Yolanda Renee © 2016




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  1. Oh my gosh Yoland, creepy good! I hope she recovers and didn't just die! Great story!!

  2. I wonder if he believed her?
    Thanks for being a Ninja Minion this year!

  3. A vampire wannabe maybe? Start with the actors from Twlight lol

  4. Fangs! There's a similar revelation about fangs in one of my stories. ;)

  5. I had a feeling he was going to have fangs! Love it. Your stories are always such fun to read. Well done!

  6. Hey Yolanda,

    Fangs for the Flash! Did that sound right? LOL Skilfully avoids all links relating to blog hops, blog fests, or whatever. As for the A to Z, it depresses me and wake me up after April. Thank you.

    Hope all is well with you, lovely Yolanda.

    Gary :)

  7. Good story. Interesting the little details she remembers. Great vampire take.

  8. Great start to a vampire tale Yolanda! Maybe you could give us some backstory in a longer version. Congrats for becoming a minion for the A-Z. Hats off to ya and all the other minions. The A-Z is nearly here!

  9. Chillin' !! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more :) Have a great week.

  10. Yeeks! I hope she doesn't wake up in the morgue as a vampire herself. Great story!

    1. Those were my thought, too. Captivating tale, Yolanda!

  11. Woo-hoo! Have fun being a minion. Yes, officer, she said fangs!

  12. I love these little flash fiction challenges. It's easy and fun to read. Good job with this one!

  13. Oh boy. I wouldn't want to be there when she woke back up!

  14. So cool being a Ninja Minion alongside you! :)

  15. Oh dear, time got away from me again. The final proof of Murder & Obsession arrived and I dropped everything else. Thank you all for your lovely comments. And I am really looking forward to the A to Z this year!

  16. I was ready for the last line! Loved it anyway. Enjoyed. Thanks for participating this week. Hope to see you in Week #5.


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