Sunday, September 6, 2015

ENGINE 75029

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Flash Fiction of 100 to 175 words
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ENGINE 7 5 0 2 9

Seven years we were wed
Five million tears now shed
I pushed you in a rage
Not realizing I'd be caged
Onto the tracks, you fell
At the clang of the engine's bell

That moment's a blur
But witnesses concur
Zero friends have rallied
Their votes I have tallied
Instead, to her they throng
There is nowhere I belong

Two lives' you transformed
On that train platform
My heart was broken
When loves loss was spoken
For I alone held deed
To all your desires and needs

Nine days till the hangman's noose
Did she seduce
These thoughts I still ponder
For time, I can squander
Were you smitten
Did she make your heart quicken

My only regret
I couldn't kill Yvette
But if curses are true
She'll soon be blue
Her breath I'll steal
Your money made the deal

I want your pardon
To walk in heavens garden
Will you find it in your heart
Will death mean a new start
Or has destiny showed 
Hell, as our new abode?


174 words
Yolanda Renée © 2015


I'm no poet
as surly this shows
but after hours of trying
I wasn't denying
my prose a chance to shine
or it's place in the annuals of time.

(In other words, I had nothing else!) :)

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  1. You may not be a poet, but you had me right up till the end.

  2. You told a full story in one poem. Nicely done!

  3. Great poem Yolanda! Tells the story of love that has been betrayed, a husband killed and the wife waiting to be hanged, yet she still isn't finished murdering! Filled with a lot of emotion and images, and rhymed! Great story and great poem!! Thank you for participating in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge!

    1. Hi Joy, she's not the least bit repentant. Hell it is!

    2. Oh, and I loved the prompt! Great Flash challenge!

  4. Sure turned out great, although a noose and hell may not be the best fate

  5. There's an old folk song about a grisly murder on the train tracks. The name escapes me. Your clever poem here reminds me of it. I especially appreciate the way you incorporated the numbers.

    1. Thanks, I'll have to find that song. The numbers are what intrigues me.

  6. YOLANDA ~
    I wanted to stop by and say thanks again for the BOTB vote you submitted.

    In fact, I noticed several BOTB votes you'd submitted elsewhere as well. Looks like you made the BOTB rounds. That's great!

    And please know that if you'd like to become a BOTB participant yourself, we'd love to have you join. We do two Battles per month, 1st and 15th, with results posted on the 7th and 21st. Of course, one doesn't have to put up a Battle every time. You can come and go as you please. It's a lot of fun for many of us. Maybe something to think about, if you're a big music fan.

    Yak Later...

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Hi Stephen,
      I enjoy the BOTB, love to learn more about music, as I'm really a dunce when it comes to it all. Hosting myself, I'll give it a thought, for now just enjoying the others! Thanks!

  7. You are a poet and don't know it. Good story.

    1. Maybe in an odd sort of way, but I'd never count myself in the class of writers so hugely talented! Thanks Jo!

  8. I enjoyed that! The second to last paragraph made me smile :-)
    I like the way you used the engine number.

    1. It's what caught my attention first, thanks, Alistair!

  9. Actually, you are a poet. Nicely done, the entire story, and held my attention, even a few surprises along the way.

    1. Thanks Rhonda, just don't quiz me on form or styles, and don't tell anyone but I've never written Haiku. Shh, you promised!

  10. Very interesting direction you took. And I think you could totally pass as a poet. :-)

  11. deeply sinister Yolanda and engaging ")

  12. That was totally eerie and sad, and I wanted more. Guess you succeeded with this poem.

  13. Okay, now I want to see a Halloween poem! Truly! You are such an untapped source! What a thrill to write poetry! :-)


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