Saturday, May 30, 2015


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I wanted to post pictures of various vacation spots, and some of the exciting places we visited during our many vacations, but alas, my computer ate them. No matter, because the ending of that montage would have been the same, a picture of my grandmothers farm. Heaven on earth and filled with memories – the most ideal place on earth to escape the rat race. The poem is recycled from a previous blog, but says it all.
When I was seven
I found heaven
my grandmother's house
I was the city mouse.

With a large bed just for me
not one bed, shared by three
awake each morning
to a bird song melody.

Peace and quiet
and a pancake diet
amid the flowers and the trees
I explored alongside the bees.

A crowing rooster, cows, and chickens
I helped out in the barn and the kitchen
a sewing lesson with needle and thread
soon exhausted, I curled up in my large bed.

Snakes and storms, roses and thorns
homemade ice cream and fresh corn
my escape from a family of seven
Grandma's earthly home was  heaven.

Yolanda Renee © 2013

How about you - do you have a heaven on earth?

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  1. A great rhyme and your grandmother's sure sounds like a fun time

  2. Oh, I love your poem! Grandma's home is always a piece of heaven. I loved spending time with my grandparents when I was little. They are in heaven now, so all I have are cherished memories. It's nice to meet you through this lil' hop.
    My favorite vacation spot - the Pine Tree State #bloghop

  3. That's the problem with memories which include people, the people pass on. Lovely poem Yolanda.

  4. Very nice and sweet poem, Yolanda. Told me everything I need to know about Grandma's farm.

  5. Grandma's house sounds so nice. I bet you have a lot of great memories there.

  6. Aw, that sounds fabulous. Your grandmother would love the poem too.

  7. What a lovely poem. The memories must mean everything to you.

  8. You poem was so beautiful it made me tear up. I grew up in a tiny town in MA, where our nearest neighbor was a quarter mile away. I could hike a mile in the woods and never see another soul. I loved it there. (We moved to Indiana when I was 10. Not so beautiful there...) There's nothing like getting away from the city and being surrounded by nature. Thanks so much for joining the hop! :)

  9. Sweet poem and tribute to your grandmother.

  10. It does sound like heaven, except for the snow and snakes. Beautiful photos and fantastic poem.

  11. Nice poem. Who can go wrong with Grandma's house?

  12. Beautiful poem... and sounds like you have many cherished memories:)

  13. Well, dang! I know that bed I slept in at my grandmother's house was BIG, but I don't remember seeing YOU in it... (But I occasionally smuggled the dog... a big ol' boxer... into bed with me. "Our" grandmother pretended to be mad about it, but I knew she wasn't.)

    Great poem. I can relate to it in many ways.

  14. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for you lovely comments, and for sharing your own vacation favorites. I realized after posting this that my yard has many of the same components my Grandmother's had. Flowers, hummingbirds, birds, and lots of rocks and green everywhere. There was nothing more satisfying than sitting on her back porch and having the hummingbirds visit her garden. Down the road there was a small water fall were we would picnic, and explore. Many wonderful memories that I'll always cherish. Happy Vacation everyone!

  15. What a beautiful, nostalgic poem.

  16. Your poem says it all, Renee.....


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