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It is my privilege today to introduce you to Nancy Lynn Jarvis the author of the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries series. To celebrate her latest release, The Murder House - Nancy is guest posting today and there's a giveaway! Take it away Nancy!

Show of hands, please, how many of you believe in ghosts?

 I don’t, you see, except that I’ve seen one, which really plays havoc with my nay-saying. And if I’m willing to go to just one degree of separation and listen to people tell of their first-hand experiences with ghosts, oh boy. It was from this ambivalent perspective that I wrote “The Murder House,” the fifth in my Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries series. 

Regan McHenry is a Realtor who winds up repeatedly playing amateur sleuth no matter how many times she swears she will never get involved in another murder. She, like me — a twenty-five year veteran of the real estate business— and many Realtors I know, has had the experience of walking into a house and having the hair stand up on the back of her neck . She knows what it’s like to be hit by a wave of cold and experience an overwhelming sensation of evil when previewing a house. 

Even so, like me, she clearly states that she doesn’t believe in ghosts, not when there might be a rational explanation for what seems like a spectral presence. Her certainty made it great fun to write a book in which Regan, convinced the only thing that might cause a house to be haunted was its past reputation, sometimes wonders if she is right.  

It was also fun to write the book because during the writing process, I began asking people if they believed in ghosts. What I discovered is that most people have a ghost story or two to tell even if they aren’t into the paranormal. And ghost sightings aren’t predictable based on the witness’s educational level, occupation, religion, culture, gender, or age. 

I was able to share my favorite ghost story in the book’s dedication, too. If you like, go to 

I used my personal ghost sighting in the book, as well. The ghost in the woods in “The Murder House” is what I saw at the Wayside Inn in Massachusetts before I knew many others had reported seeing such a ghost. In “The Murder House, “ there is a rational explanation for what people are seeing in the woods, though, and at the Wayside Inn, there isn’t.

After writing “The Murder House” and living with its alleged ghosts, did I change my mind and become a believer? As Regan says at the book’s conclusion when asked if she’s seen the ghost, “I think that’s too personal a question for you to ask.” Let’s just say that one thing is perfectly clear: I have developed a love of swapping ghost stories and would love to hear yours.

Leave me a comment with your ghost story and you'll be entered to win an eBook copy of The Murder House. The winner will be announced on February 28, 2014. You can read my review HERE!

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Every community has a house that people walk by hurriedly, nervously peeking at it out of the corners of their eyes. Bonny Doon is no exception. A bloody double  homicide occurred in the Murder House almost twenty years ago and the killer has eluded capture ever since. Recently the house was inherited and the new owner wants to sell. The problem is no one wants to buy a house with a reputation and reports that it’s home to ghosts. The seller thinks Realtor Regan McHenry would make a perfect listing agent ― after all, with her penchant for playing amateur sleuth, she’s no stranger to murder. This is the perfect mystery to read if you don’t believe in ghosts — and an even better mystery to read if you do.

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Nancy Lynn Jarvis was a Santa Cruz, California, Realtor for twenty-five years but was having so much fun writing that she let her license lapse in May of 2013.

After earning a BA in behavioral science from San Jose State University, she worked in the advertising department of the San Jose Mercury News. A move to Santa Cruz meant a new job as a librarian and later a stint as the business manager of Shakespeare/Santa Cruz. Nancy's work history reflects her philosophy: people should try something radically different every few years. Writing is her newest adventure.

She put Regan, Tom , and Dave from the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries Series on hiatus to write Mags and the AARP Gang, a comedy/adventure about a group of octogenarian would-be bank robbers, but she missed her characters, so they're back to solve another murder In the newly released "Murder House."

The next book is unclear because she has another idea for a mystery as well as an idea for another very different book.

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Don't forget - to win an eBook copy of THE MURDER HOUSE leave your ghost story in a comment.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !


  1. Definitely heard a few that have had many a strange happening come due, so yeah never rule them out

  2. Nancy, I don't know of any ghost stories that I personally relate to, but I do like the concept you've created with the "Real Estate Mysteries". My middle daughter, now 27, started in real estate when she was 19 and has been doing a very good job at it. She enjoys reading. I'll have to let her know about this series. Although I hope it wouldn't scare her out of her occupation.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  3. If she's been a Realtor for eight years, nothing will scare her. Half of all Realtors drop out before their first anniversary, only 20% make it to five years. I bet she has some of her own stories that would make good books.

  4. Hi Nancy and Yolanda!
    I was driving home from working at a movie theater. My father had recently died-I was eighteen, at the time, working part time and going to college. I was nearing the darkest part of my journey when my lights went out. It was near Moose Point State Park. There wasn't anything coming on the other side of the road, but I was in shock. Then the lights came on-I could feel a presence sitting next to me-I felt calm. I felt like it was my father saying good bye. I rode home with the lights on inside the car-the presence was so strong. I started talking to him-just in case I was right and told my mom when I arrived home. We took the car to the shop the very next day to get the lights and the dimmer switch checked out. There wasn't anything wrong... I have had a few other odd moments, lights going on and off and the TV, too. It is the human living spirits that haunt-more than the dead.
    Congrats Nancy your book sounds great!

  5. This is right up my alley - I love both ghost stories and mysteries. Great title for the book and it sounds like an excellent read. I'm adding it to my list now. Great to meet you, Nancy!

  6. Thanks for the good wishes Julie and Squid. Ella, now that's a good ghost story.

  7. Hi Yolanda and Nancy,

    This is just my type of book. Although, you might be able to see right through my comment. Of course, being in England, we got loads of ghosts. I shall duly share this posting. All the best, Nancy.

    Penny says hi to Pennsylvania Patches!

    Gary :)

  8. Gary,
    I was at Warwick Castle on a day when the ghost was supposed to walk. Sorry to say, he didn't. LOL

  9. Ghost stories are fun, whether you believe or not! I think part of it, at least for me, is the history and/or stories that grow from the ghost story. Exploring the cause creates its own waterfall of stories. Love the cover of your book! It sounds good.

    The Warrior Muse

  10. I could swoon over this cover! It is amazing! And I like a good ghost story. I can't relate one hear, but I like writing the occasional flash fiction ghost piece.

    Hi Yolanda! Hi Nancy Lynn!

  11. I sometimes attend a church that was built upon the existing structure of an old school house. When we used to hold classes downstairs, I would occasionally hear what I can only describe as busy children's voices upstairs. Convinced it was other parishioners and their families coming in, I'd go upstairs to find no one. This would happen in spring and fall, with me going up the stairs on more than a few occasions and, again, finding no one. These were not frightful voices, just busy, excited voices. Nonetheless, seeing no one was a strange feeling. I'm one who happens to believe spirits linger, or perhaps the energies of what took place do...afterall, I've no idea if the voices of these children I heard were the voices of dead children, or something that remained after they all grew up, moved away, and the school abandoned....I only know I experienced something, on more than one occasion, that I can't explain.

  12. Denise, Thanks for your comment about the cover.
    Cindy, Have you ever been to York, England? An old Roman road runs through a building there and many people have reported hearing what sounds like a garrison of soldiers walking along the road.

  13. No, I haven't Nancy, but that must be a fascinating encounter..

  14. I have had a few encounters since I was a child. They freak me out! My first was while waiting outside my nan's house. Over the road I saw my grandad walking our dog, Bob in daylight. I even called over, confused for a moment, but at only 9years old, mostly over joyed to see them both. My nan and mom came running out to see who I was screaming at to 'come here' and I told them, It's grandad and Bob! Look...' Unfortunately my mum thught I was being cruel to a still grieving nan (my grandad died a few weeks prior) and to mum (our dog disappeared a few months prior). I got told off big time for that, I can tell you. I never told anyone my other visitations and as I grew up I told myself they were dreams, daydreams, nonsense. Whatever. But I do believe energy (of life) is left over when the body dies, and whatever we call it, a spirit, a ghost, I believe it exists. Spooky!

  15. I've had numerous "encounters" in my life, but the most recent happened to a friend and me at the same time. She, her husband, and my husband and I were the closest of friends. A couple weeks after her husband died, she was at our house, and the three of us were shooting pool, just like the four of us had done so many times in the past. She and I were sitting side-by-side on the steps leading from our kitchen to the den, when we both felt a hand on our shoulder. Simultaneously, we both turned around to see who it was. Nobody there. We're both convinced it was her husband.

    This book sounds super. If I don't win it, I reckon I'm gonna have to buy it. (Oh, darn! I shouldn't have said that, right?)


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