Monday, May 4, 2020

Thank You, For Hosting Murder, Just Because!

To all those who hosted Murder, Just Because.
I say ‘THANK YOU’ from the bottom of my heart!

Denise @ Denise Covey
LuAnn Worley @ Rockin’ Book Reviews
Cathrina @ Constantine
Elizabeth Spann Craig @ Mystery Writing is Murder
L Diane Wolfe @ Spunk on A Stick
Shannon Lawrence @ The Warrior Muse
Bish Denham @ Random Thoughts
Susan Flett Swiderski @ I Think: Therefore, I Yam
Juneta Key @ Writer’s Gambit
H. R. @ H.R. Sinclair
Beverly Stowe McClure @ The Story of A Writer
Chrys Fey @ Write with Fey
Jemi Fraser @ Just Jemi
Mason Canyon @ Thoughts in Progress
Madhuri Palaji @ The Clipped Nightingale
Kathleen Kelly @ Celticlady’s Reviews

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


  1. Isn't the blogosphere a warm and supportive community? I hope your book (and all the ones to come) goes gang-busters.

  2. Hi Yolanda - what a great set of blogfriends ... as EC says - just wonderful knowing we're amongst them. Good luck with the sales - the book sounds so interesting ... even a murder on Monday morning seems like a good read! Stay safe - Hilary

  3. We were happy to help! That's what author friends do - they support one another.

  4. You're welcome! You had quite a list of great supporters.

  5. Always happy to read and promote your books. Wishing you continued success!!

  6. Love your blog!<3 Been searching for these kind of murder novels for a long time and finally found. Could you, please, send this one to me? I'm really excited to read it!

  7. You're so very welcome! I'd love to have you as a guest anytime.

    I already have my copy, and I'll be reading it next. :)

  8. Great launch, Yolanda. I'll be reading and reviewing ASAP and, of course, putting your book up on my blog. I'm struggling to stay afloat with so much going on, but I know I'm not the only one. Stay safe. Stay well.

  9. You're so very welcome!! And you're welcome on the blog anytime!

  10. I'd say you have a bunch of very good blogger friends, kiddo. And like Alex said, we're all glad to help.

  11. That's a lot of great friends you have there. Good luck with the book.

  12. Hi Renee! It was a pleasure. So sorry I couldn’t get to each post. I hope you have your feet up now. What a tour. Like Lee, I hope to review soon if Amazon lets me. In lockdown I seem to be busier than ever.

  13. I was happy to! Hope your book launch went well!


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