Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I'm honored to host Chrys Fey on tour with her latest release. 

The 3rd book in her Disaster Crime Series.
Tsunami Crimes was released on January 20th, so be sure and pick up your copy!
As part of her tour she's agreed to answer one question!

My Question for Chrys: If you couldn't be a writer what other creative outlet would you pursue?

Imagining not being able to write at all is a frightening thing. I can’t fathom a life where I’m not writing. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t even be Chrys Fey! But there are a couple of creative outlets I would love to pursue if I had the time and means.
One pursuit is fashion designing. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve loved to draw dresses. I’ve dreamed of having them made, but I’m not a dressmaker. I can barely stitch. And I don’t have the sort of investment it would take to pay someone.
So, the creative outlet I’d pursue is the one I enjoy doing now . . . photography. I love to capture images with a camera, specifically nature. I’ve fantasized about going on a road trip across the United States to capture stunning snapshots, and also traveling to other countries. Instead of walking around with a pen and notebook, I’d have an expensive camera handing from my neck. That’s a visual I like. The funny thing is, I don’t even have a camera now, and yet, photography is one of my passions outside of writing.

Beth and Donovan have come a long way from Hurricane Sabrina and the San Francisco earthquake. Now they are approaching their wedding day and anxiously waiting to promise each other a lifetime of love. The journey down the aisle isn’t smooth, though, as they receive threats from the followers of the notorious criminal, Jackson Storm. They think they’ll be safe in Hawaii, but distance can’t stop these killers. Not even a tsunami can.
This monstrous wave is the most devastating disaster Beth has ever faced. It leaves her beaten, frightened. Is she a widow on her honeymoon? As she struggles to hold herself together and find Donovan, she’s kidnapped by Jackson's men.
Fearing her dead, Donovan searches the rubble and shelters with no luck. The thought of her being swept out to sea is almost too much for him to bear, but the reality is much worse. She’s being used as bait to get him to fall into a deadly trap.
If they live through this disaster, they may never be the same again.

On SALE for $2.99!
P.S. Hurricane Crimes and Seismic Crimes are on sale for 99 Cents!

Chrys Fey is the author of the Disaster Crimes Series. She is a blogger, reader, auntie, vegetarian, and cat Lover. Get Lightning Crimes (Disaster Crimes 2.5) for FREE!

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How about you readers?
If you couldn't work in your chosen field -
what would you do instead?


  1. The book sounds action packed and unputdownable! Congrats to Chrys and wishing her much success.

    And I would have loved to be able to paint, but I can't, so I photograph stuff instead.

    1. Thank you, Nilanjana! I'm not so go at painting. I wish I was, though. :)

  2. Maybe one day you'll be able to combine both the photography and the writing.

  3. Could write a trip book across the States or something and photograph away.

  4. Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Yolanda! It's always a treat to be here. :)

    1. Hey, Chrys:
      Sorry I'm late for the party, but got kicked in the ass with the flu! Still, trying to cook up some interest! Good luck with Tsunami Crimes! Wow, such a great cover!
      Thank you for all your help, especially with the edit of The Snowman, it's really come together!

  5. Look forward to reading this. I also used to enjoy photography, from when I was really young up to travelling the world with a camera - however, I also don't own one now (except on my phone!) There's something satisfying about a really captivating shot.

  6. Hey Yolanda! Nasty flu! Hope you're on the mend! Hey Chrys. Loved your answer. I hope you get that great camera and take that photographic journey. I do that already every chance I get. Hmm. If I couldn't write, I have lots of creative outlets--I bake (could supply cheesecake and cupcakes etc to coffee shops), I draw (I need to brush up on that), I can knit and crochet but it's been a LONG TIME, but you never forget it, and, you know, I can always read!!!!

    Hope you sell a ton of Tsunami Crimes. I'll have to check my kindle to see if I've already bought it, LOL! You know how it is. Download so many, then forget...:-)


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