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and now available on Amazon 

Embark on an exciting journey “Beyond the Binding” of the imagination with 29 authors from across the globe, in a groundbreaking collaboration where music meets fiction. Surrender to soaring compositions as they surge through the veins of every story, capturing the triumphant pulse of the notes in heart pounding sci fi, enchanting fantasy and gripping slices of realism.  

All proceeds of the Composers for Relief  album and Companion Collection ebook will go to Gawad Kalinga (“give care”) and GVSP (Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme), to support the relief efforts for victims of the deadliest natural disaster in Philippines’ history, Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).
Ebook available from Amazon, Amazon UK, iTunes, B&N, Kobo, Sony, Diesel & Smashwords.

Composers for Relief album available on ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby & Spotify

Participating in the Composers for Relief collaboration was one of the most challenging and rewarding writing events of 2013.

for the invitation.

You can read my contribution to Phillip Lober's magical piece


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My writing / publishing UPDATE:

My 1099 for royalties earned for
Murder, Madness & Love 
Memories of Murder 
totaled $23.30 
for 2013.

Do you write for the love of money 
the love of writing?

Before you answer consider this:

Why did a publisher publish your book?

 The love of publishing?

 Might explain why I'm feeling 
more than a little insecure today!

A new link that may help?

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"The psychic task which a person can and must set for himself is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity." 
~ Erich Fromm

"Each one of us requires the spur of insecurity to force us to do our best."

~ Harold W. Dodds


  1. That was a terrible Typhoon. I recall the images from TV. Best wishes to the cause and those sponsoring and participating!

  2. So cool you are participating again Yolanda. I hope you raise lots of money.


  3. That's cool you contributed!
    Don't panic about the low royalties. My sales didn't take off until almost a year later. It can still happen!

  4. Well, it's better than my tiny amount for two years on my PB released in 2012!! Be proud. These things take time.

    What a beautiful cover of Beyond the Binding.

  5. It takes a while, i may have made $20 in my first year if I was lucky. But as it goes, the more the money flows.

  6. I know successful authors who said they earned peanuts at first, one of them makes a living out of writing now. Give it time and you'll get there. As my Grandmother used to say, Rome wasn't built in a day. :)

  7. I've heard from lots of people it takes a long while, and more than one book, to start seeing actualy money. I definitely didn't publish to make money. :)

  8. I really didn't publish to make money . . . it was kind of a hobby that I decided to pursue to inspire young people. As a teacher, a little extra money wouldn't hurt, but like you, if this was a numbers game for me, I'd be more than a little disappointed. I do hear that you need to have 5 books out before you really start making a profit, so get in that chair and write your little heart out and hold onto faith :-)

  9. I love that cover! I'm not publishing to make money. I just want to share my stories. Though, if I did make some money while doing it, I wouldn't complain!

  10. Best wishes! I hope you raise lots of money for the cause.

    Writing is a hard way to make money, and slow. Immediate returns happen only for a few. I am sure the royalties will do better with time.

  11. A great cause Yolanda. It's nice to see people haven't forgotten about that tragedy.

  12. Hi, Yolanda,

    CONGRATS on your story for the anthology! It's for an amazing cause and your talent will be greatly appreciated by the masses! It's not about the money, really, it's about the LIVES YOU TOUCH! And your publications are doing just that... touching lives.

    It's just the beginning!

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The support is so awesome. It helped to give me the push I needed! Those feelings of inadequacy were making me question everything. Something I think all writers do at various stages of the journey - I don't expect to get rich - it would be nice to pay the bills, but my fear is if my books don't perform I'll lose my publisher. My books are good / great by some standards and I'm very proud of them. It's the marketing - the getting them to the readers that's stumping me - the reviews have been awesome - I don't doubt my skills, just selling them!
    Thank you all again! The sun is out - the power is on - the snow isn't melting, but the roads are dry! Such an interesting winter! Beautiful and dangerous, but interestingly still a good (positive) winter!

  14. What a fabulous project, and for such a worthy cause. (I just read your story, and loved it!)

    Well, I didn't write with an expectation of getting rich... and so far, I'm succeeding quite nicely! Actually, I've done better than I expected, but sales have taken a nose dive so far this year. We'll all just have to keep on keeping on.

  15. the royalty report is kind of discouraging, but like others say it can take off later. This is the sort of thing that makes me wonder about the time I put into writing. I love to write, but I feel like my time should be worth something too. I made more last year with Google Ads on my blog sites and that really doesn't amount to much though I don't put any work into it either.

    Oh well, the starving artist cliche may be true.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  16. February 10th, 2014

    Dear Yolanda,
    Thank you so much for reading my post for "What's in a Face?" I'm glad you could see the humour in it. My story is supposed to be funny. I wasn't sure you were going to take it the right way, considering your recent source of achs and pains. I sincerely hope that the doctors who are treating you are more competent and compassionate than these jokers, Farmer & Melker, in my flash fiction story.

    I was inspired by stories of celebs who have had bad luck with plastic surgery, such as Priscilla Presley.

    When I was out shopping without the children one day, I bought a DVD of "The Sound of Music" to encourage my son in his attempts to learn English. And then I went online to get more background information about the movie and was horrified to learn that Julie Andrews had lost her singing voice when her vocal chords were operated on in the 1990s. In her prime, she could sing four octaves. Poor Julie.

    Another source of inspiration is the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. But my nurse Julie, is not like the character Emily.

    This text is only a stand alone writing exercise, and not a part of a WIP. I started writing a text about a face that might fit into my novel. But it is not finished yet.

    My grandfather was a dentist and oral surgeon, so from him I have learned that your face and mouth are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. He probably would not have liked my story. He was a compassionate and well-liked practitioner. He did what he could to relief the suffering of his patients.

    Glad that you could participate in IWSG!

    Best wishes & hugs,

    You are first commenter and get an extra link!!!!

  17. Lovely of you to participate in this Yolanda. Boy, don't spend all your royalties at once! All that work...but you have to look at it for the long term. I recently read about a guy who published his own book on Amazon, promptly forgot about it cuz he thought it sucked, then for some reason it appealed to a wide audience and his sales soared and constantly keep selling. Encouraging!

    Sorry I haven't been by. Having a laid back blogger time as I sort my students out for the beginning of the year. Always very busy. But I hope I'm back and will be spending plenty of time blogging again. Oh, and have just joined Wattpad and followed you!

    Hope you'll have time to post for What's in a face?


  18. Oh, and congrats for getting a story in the anthology.


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