A Passion For Murder Book 6


A Passion for Murder

Book 6

The final book of the 

Detective Quaid Series

Tracking a new serial killer is nothing compared to fending off a former lover intent on chaos.

Another heinous crime occurs, and with no time to heal from the last, Detective Quaid returns to his job. PTSD, a former lover, and an odious villain test his mettle and his sanity.



Her jaw dropped in shock. Her eyes wide, then blinking furiously as though uncomprehending the individual who stood before her.

“Sarah, Sarah? You there.” Brent’s voice sounded over the line.

“Yes,” she said coolly.

“I just wanted to give you a heads up. Alice Foxx is on the way in.”

“You don’t say.” Sarah hung up the phone and stuffed it in the pocket of Steven’s old plaid shirt. Here she stood in sloppy work clothes, while the woman who could grace any fashion magazine stood before her. With exasperation written on her face, she stared at the last person she ever thought she’d lay eyes on again.


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