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It takes a true artist to pursue his victims in the art of seduction, and Stowy Jenkins is no exception, especially with blood as his medium.


Suzy shrieked, drowning out the loud music.
“Bleach kills everything. Can’t be too careful. Can we?” His maniacal laughter drowned out her cries and sounded like a gaggle of witches tied to a burning tree. Stone was in his element and almost danced around the table as he began preparing for his next task.
Crying and whimpering from the pain, Suzy soon quieted. Her mouth stretched, and her eyes widened as Stone began to gather his tools. He placed scalpels, needles, and a thin roll of wire on the table beside her.
“No!” she pleaded. “I’ll do anything, anything. But please, not this.”
“But, my dear, you wanted to dance. I’m going to make sure you always do.” He leered at her. “I am the artist. You, my dear, are only the medium.” He sat down next to her and threaded a long needle with the wire. “This is a glover’s needle. Taxidermists like me mostly use it on small animals, but you're so tiny, it’s perfect. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I’ll need that big one, the upholsterer’s regulator. Fancy name for a damned big needle, but it’ll go through the thick parts like butter.”

Does it work?
We'll see.

Have you tried it?
What was your result?


  1. Hope it works! My short story is free with hopes people will buy the three Cassa books.

    1. That is the only reason to do it - attention for the other books. I've tried all kinds of advertising with little luck, so we'll see! Thanks for your support, Alex!

  2. Hope it works. I've tried it way back when and it worked great. Now I find free is over saturated a bit, it still works, just not as much.

    1. So true, Pat! It is a bit over saturated, but you never know. This is my experiment. I hope to report on it in a separate blog once this is over. The Snowman will be offered free on each Wednesday this month.

  3. This is one of my hot buttons. Studies show a very small percentage of free books downloaded are ever opened. No evidence at all it provokes one of the few readers to go buy another of the author's works. Why should they, when there are a thousand other free titles waiting for them on their TBR list on their Kindle?

    Free books do nothing but saturate the market. So many new indies are so enthralled by the idea of getting 'buys' there are thirty thousand hack authors placing poorly edited novels out there for free ... which makes all indies look like hacks.

    Free is the worst thing to happen to our industry.

    1. You may be right! I actually hate offering books for free. The time and effort and expense to publish that I've put in has never, ever been recouped. Also, some folks will 'buy' a book for free - read the first chapter - hate it and yet feel they have to review it usually with a one star - a book they wouldn't have looked at otherwise. What a waste! Although some say any review is a good review - doesn't feel that way when you read them though!
      I shouldn't even bother, but there's something about having your work read that's keeps me pushing. This is my experiment and it may be my swan song. Not that I'll quit writing, I can't do that, but I'll quit spending dollars to market. I've not found my niche in that regard and I've spent a fortune trying too. The only good thing I've seen from this effort so far is that the other books are getting attention on Kindle Unlimited, not a lot, but a little, which is better than none.
      I agree with you, and I'll let you know the numbers when it's all said and done!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. What a creepy excerpt! But it does make me want to read the story even more. Free can still work for series. Maybe not as much as it used to, but it can help.

    1. Thanks, Cherie, I hope you get the chance to read The Snowman. It is generating interest in the other books, just not as much as I'd like. :) But when are we ever satisfied?

  5. Hi Yolanda - I'm looking forward to my read ... that excerpt makes my blood curl and that's not a good thing. I don't know how the 'free' aspect works - but I sure hope it does for you ... wishing you all the best - cheers Hilary

  6. Hi Yolanda, I've never tried the free aspect so have no clue how it work or if it works. The Snowman has an intriguing cover.

  7. Hi my friend! One of the many things I learned at the Romance Writers of Australia conference is that the self-publishing market is saturated and has priced itself out of business with the value of books being NOTHING -- FREE. Interesting? \

    The adorable geeks from Draft2Digital were there and I went to every session and chatted to them over 3 lunches. I'm definitely self publishing my revamped vampire series and flash fiction collections with them and I wish you would too. They distribute to every market but you can keep Amazon Unlimited. And with their Universal Book Links it tells your readers EVERY BOOK you've published and link to purchase. And they have new marketing aspects beginning this week. Go have a look. I'm also hosting them on my blog soon!

    Yours in a writing daze (Avon Books! Tule!) Woo hoo hoo hoo!!!

    Denise :-)

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