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DeeDee @TheDramaQueen has nominated me for the

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Thank you, DeeDee

But who is DeeDee? She's a smart, unpredictable, eccentric, crazy, chick ranting / bitching about her  "effing" awesome / messed up life.. (This is taken straight from her blog – these are her words") But truly, DeeDee is a blogging friend with something to say and a she doesn't mince words. Her blog is fun and so is DeeDee!

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Here are the questions Dee Dee posted.

1.    What is the best thing that has happened to you?

I discovered my passion for writing. Last night I opened an old project and suddenly the story was just flowing. I love when that happens. It's like watching a movie only I can see. I write down exactly what's happening in my head while all around me regular life is going on too. I smile at my husband, converse with my son, and all the while, my fingers are typing a scene that's playing out in my head. It still amazes me.

2.    What is that one thing or incident in life that you regret?

I never should have left Alaska. I left to finish my education, and I achieved my goal, but I never made it back to the state I love. Met my husband. He's a hot weather person so we compromised and moved to Washington State. Hubby's promised me a trip to Alaska, and I'm holding him to it.

3.    If there is one person in this world, you could get to say Sorry, who would it be and why?

I'd love to know how my parents could disown me. I just wish I could understand it. I have two sons, and I can't imagine not having them in my life. They are the definition of love.

4.    What is your most searched word or phrase on Google?

Oh gosh, 'murder' of course. I'm always researching how, why, and who?

5.    Who is the last "Received call" on your mobile phone (Eg: carpenter, dad, a friend)?

My husband, he calls, and texts daily. "What's for dinner?" is my least favorite phrase.

6.    What is the wallpaper on your mobile phone (Eg. Nature, my family, my pet)?

I have a picture of my backyard. I love the different colors of green, especially after a long gray winter. And, yes, for all who aren't aware. I now have a cell phone - I just haven't figured out what the big deal is. Other than remembering to charge it - it's just like the land line. LOL Okay, so I couldn't text my husband what was cooking before. So yeah, it's cool!

7.    If ever, you get an all paid trip anywhere in this world, where would you go?

Oh, gosh. I want to go back to Alaska for sure, but I also want to see Paris, London, and Australia. Can we make all those stops in one trip?

8.    What is the worst pick-up line used on you?

A guy once told me we were 'both' so good looking our babies would have to be beautiful. He was a real nut case.

9.    What is Happiness for you?

Financial independence and doing the things I love the most writing and travel.

10.What advice would you give your teen self?

Be selfish. Think of yourself. All things work out in the end, and you aren't responsible for the mistakes of others so quit trying to fix the world!

11.If there were life after death, what would you want to be reborn as?

An award-winning author whose works changed the world, in a good way!


Thanks, Dee Dee, this was a lot of fun!

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1.    What WIP are you working on now or tell us about another hobby you have?
2.    Do you find subjects for blogging difficult or overflowing?
3.    Your favorite fictional character, why? 
4.    Your favorite author, why?
5.    Your favorite genre, why? 
6.    Blog hops pro or con – productive or a waste of time?
7.    Biggest regret or the best decision you've ever made?
8.    What is the meaning of success to you?
9.    Do you write reviews for the books you read? Why or why not?
10.Biggest social media success or failure?
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Just for fun and in honor of Debbie and Guilie I'm participating in the TMI Blog hop. 
I hope you'll take the dare and join us!

This is me, from A to Z

A: Age
Old enough to know better but young enough not to care! I really hate that question. Looking at all these youngsters moving up the ranks I feel as old as dirt and counted out before even considered.

B: Biggest fear
That I didn't count. I've made sacrifices for the people in my life that has resulted in my being ostracized by my family. In other words, those sacrifices didn't count; they were turned into a negative instead of a positive something that is deeply hurtful.

C: Current time
5:11 PM – The Cooking channel and the Sugar Showdown. The competitors are competing to win $10,000 for making the best donuts.

D: Drink you last had
Iced Green Tea with honey!

E: Every day starts with
A bottle of water. Hydration makes the daily walk healthier!

F: Favorite Song
Anything Josh Groban sings. I love his album Closer, and the song When You Say You Love Me.

G: Ghosts, are they real?
Yes, and no. I believe some of us are haunted – not by evil but our own regrets, mistakes and sorrows.

H: Hometown
My adopted city of Anchorage, Alaska.

I: In love with
Learning. I still want to go back to school.

J: Jealous of?
People who can eat ANYTHING!

K: Killed someone?
All the time, but only in my stories. I've never felt that kind of emotion toward anyone in life.

L: Last time you cried?
Today, odd too, but I go for long periods without crying and then I wake up and the whole day is filled with tears. I guess you just have to get it out of your system. Orlando broke my heart.

M: Middle name

N: Number of siblings
Five (5) Three brothers, two sisters.

O: One wish
To summer in Alaska, and winter on the beach.

P: Person you last called?
Dental Surgeon to make my hubby an appointment to get his wisdom teeth pulled. Yep, you heard me right!

Q: Question you're always asked
How can someone as sweet as you write murder mysteries. (Insert maniacal laugh here)

R: Reason to smile
I'm so blessed!

S: Sounds that annoy you
I'm partially deaf. I woke up one morning with the hearing in my left ear completely gone. Doctors told me they be able to tell me why after my autopsy.
I constantly hear unusual sounds and can't decipher where they are coming from. It gets frustrating.

T: Time you woke up
6:00 AM. I love the early morning, but I also enjoy the quiet of the night so it varies all the time.

U: Underwear color
Such an odd question!
Pink. One of my favorite colors – I own a lot of pink.

V: Vacation destination
The beach, because I can afford it. But if money were no object it'd be Paris, London, Australia, New Zealand – the world.

W: Worst habit
Looking back. The past isn't a good place to dwell, but its horrors still haunt me.

X: X-Rays you've had
Recent was the teeth before a cleaning, and the right foot due to a double toe stubbing, I lost a toenail or rather the doctor cut if off something he started doing before he used numbing medication. I changed doctors.

Y: Your favorite food
This month, Shepherd's Pie, I managed to make a version that didn't make me sick. Comfort foods I can eat are a real treat.

Z: Zodiac sign
Please join us!
The blog-fest is on through July 13th. 
Just add your name and post your answers.


  1. Your post is filled with information about you today! Aries, heh? One of my most compatible signs. My eldest son and my grandmother are both Aries, and they are the kindest people I know.

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'll see what I can do with a post for the award. A touch of summer fun never hurt.

    1. Thanks, Lee!
      It's a bit personal, especially the underwear color. LOL But it's all in fun. Thanks for taking the challenge. I look forward to it!

  2. Great learning more about you! My current most searched word on Google is "Alaska." But you knew that! ;) One day I'd love to go there too.

    1. Hi, Christine!
      I do hope you get to visit Alaska, especially some of the places you're writing about, you'll never regret it and I guarantee you'll totally understand my obsession!

  3. Hi, Yolanda!

    Thank you very much for taking a peek at my version of the TMI on SDMM. I also congratulate you on receiving the Liebster Award! It was nice to learn so much about you on my first visit. (I also visited one of your other sites and read your gun control essay. I agree with everything you wrote there and applaud you for posting it.) Mrs. Shady and I have kicked around the idea of taking an Alaskan cruise. It fascinates me that you miss the great white north so much. It made me sad to learn that you had a falling out with your parents. That was a terrible pick-up line but, as men like to say, it's a great one if it works. :) In your TMI A to Z answers, I appreciate your reply to the question about ghosts. How true! I also admire you for answering that you are in love with learning. So am I!

    Again it was a pleasure getting to know these interesting tidbits about you today, Yolanda. It seems we have quite a lot in common and I hope we can stay in touch. Have a great week, Yolanda!

    1. Hi, Shady!
      Thank you for such a lovely response. That other site is my attempt to rid myself of the angst I feel when watching the news. Thank you! I hope you take that cruise, you'll see why I'm so obsessed. :) I hope we stay in touch too. I love your knowledge of music, you and my hubby would have lots to discuss. He's a music trivia expert too!

  4. Congrats! I loved your answers to the questionnaire too...sounds like life is sending plenty of inspiration your way:)

    1. My live is filled with inspiration, thanks Mark, you are so right!

  5. I loved your honest replies to the questions
    Omg you are from Alaska.I have only read about it in Geography. Wow
    I would love to know more about the TMI challenge

    1. Hi, Dee Dee, thanks again for the Liebster Award! I loved Alaska and can't wait to go back. Looks like you figured out the TMI challenge, loved reading your answers!

    2. Thanks for introducing me to the TMI.
      BTW if you do search for murders do take a look on "Aarushi murder case" a movie has been made on it. movie name is Talvar
      Also, "Jessica lal murder case"

  6. Just stopped by to say hi and thank you for stopping by mine. I noted you have a lot of blogs going, are they all current? I've had it suggested I put my various topics on different blogs, but that would be too confusing. I have a second blog mainly to keep track of my collection, and when I'm not collecting there, I'm not posting.

    1. Hi CW, wonderful to have you visit. Yes, I keep starting blogs and now need to get a real schedule going. Here I try once a week on Mondays, and then the IWSG and other blog hops. My Opinion blog is when I feel like voicing my opinion, and my Murder blog is usually once a month, maybe two - my ongoing murder story. The WEP is all about flash fiction and every other month with Denise Covey the founder, and the Parallels blog is divided up between the 10 authors of the Anthology. A lot yes, but all with differing subjects and purposes. I do work at keeping them fresh and active. Sometimes it's a bit much, like during the A to Z but usually it's fine! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. It was awesome as well as fun to read all about you. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Kelly!
      I'm so glad you stopped by and commented!

  8. I really enjoyed this post, Yolanda. It was great to learn more about you.

    But I'm so, so sorry to hear about your parents. I can't imagine anyone doing that to their child. It must be incredibly painful.


  9. Congratulations on your award! Interesting to learn more about you, Yolanda. That's sad, about your parents. I can only imagine how devastating that must be. :( Your love for Alaska shines through and I hope you get back there one of these days. Thanks for nominating me, as well! Thanks also, for joining the TMI blogfest. If you feel "as old as dirt" what should I be saying at 61? LOL It's all relative...Pink underwear; how festive! ☺

    1. The odd thing is that's it's harder now than when I was younger. Then I just simply had to survive, now I keep trying to understand, and that's much harder. Still, the past makes us who we are today. I kinda like who I am. :)
      As far as feeling old, I don't - don't feel any older than 25. But this world isn't for the folks that feel 25 - it's for the folks that are 25. LOL

    2. Definitely, adversity makes us stronger and hopefully, we can learn something from those experiences. Advertising is geared to young people but that's a big mistake, considering the huge numbers of baby boomers out there and most have money to spend. As the old saying goes, "youth is wasted on the young".

  10. Congrats on your Liebster Award!!! I feel the same about my kids - I can't imagine ever giving them up! I'm glad you have a wonderful family now.

    Happy writing and life!

    1. We are very close! Thanks Tyrean! I have a very happy life now!

  11. Congrats on your award! Fun to learn more about you~ I, too want to go back to Alaska, visit Paris and Australia. I am sorry about No.3 this happened to my husband and I truly don't understand it-never will~ Hugs @>------------

    1. Thanks for the hugs! Much appreciated. We should travel together! Seriously!

    2. Oh, what fun would that be! ;D

  12. Congrats on the award Yolanda! Loved all the questions and the answers, and getting to know you better :) Am beyond flattered and honoured to be nominated by you!

    I'm gobsmacked (not in a good way) by parents who can walk away from their children. I can't imagine doing that ever! Traumatic!

    You've certainly had an eventful life so far, kudos to you for turning the negatives into a whole heap of positives!! (Btw, love the pink underwear, so neat!)


    1. Hi, Nila, I've had an amazing life. Pink, it is a favorite! LOL Can't wait to read your answers!

    2. Done the TMI. Will do the Liebster with some lag, hope okay. :) Did a Liebster in May...

      For me the defining things are Alaska, GWTW, and the elopement (romantic beyond dreams!!!) And Arians and Sagis are super compatible, as you know. :)

  13. Being able to write down what you see in your head is a real gift. Don't ever give it up.

    1. Thanks, Ken, I hope I never do - writing has always been my salvation!

  14. I'm sad you left Alaska too. I couldn't do that cold weather any more, but it is such a beautiful place.

    1. Hi, Crystal, I do better in the cold. Still, I'd love to summer there and winter at the beach. :)

  15. Hi my friend! I was by the other day and got carried away with the TMI and reading all about you and the Liebster Award. So many of your answers are very sad. How terrible to be disowned by your parents. I know it happens, but I never understand it.
    Thank you for your nomination. I'll get cracking on both of them!

    Denise :-)

    1. I didn't mean to be so sad, but it must have been where I was that day. I think I said I was crying that day too, so I guess it makes sense. Sorry about that. Thanks so much for accepting the award and doing the TMI challenge!

  16. Great post, Yolanda!! I too hate the daily question, "What's for dinner?" or even worse, "How long till dinner?" So presumptive - aaahhhh! Wishing you a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, Nicola, it is a pet peeve, and it happens daily. :)
      Thank you for sharing you too! Love this!

  17. Nice to get to know you... loved your answer re ghosts. I do think a lot of us are haunted by ghosts of the past too

    1. I've been haunted for a long time, Sanch. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll consider joining in on the fun!

  18. I think I know you better now Yolanda. Hi!

  19. It is really nice to learn more about the bloggers I read and those who comment on my blog. I am usually pretty lazy when it comes to leaving comments.

  20. Too funny, I will be serving left-over shepherd's pie for dinner tonight. Nice to meet you!


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