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This blog hop has a different assignment for each day this week. If you'd like to participate please go HERE!  

Today’s assignment is to post information about the geography and climate of the world you’ve created.

My Nano project, Frozen Hearts, is set in 3036 and instead of setting it in the future world of earth, I’ve decided to go off planet.

Geography & Climate Of The Planet Salus

In the Virgo Galaxy cluster, there is an earth-like planet called Salus and it circles one of the brightest stars or suns in the universe. The planet, named after the Roman goddess Salus, who personified well-being, health, and prosperity gave its settlers hope. 

In 2085, a star ship of refugees arrives from earth. They had left a dying planet. Three large landmasses exist on Salus with many small islands, but 75% of the planet is water.

The largest continent Trajan, named after its founder, is located in the northern hemisphere and like earth has four distinct seasons, with the harshest climate in the north. The southern part of this continent is mostly swampland and still almost uninhabitable due to the terrain and the large animals that thrive there. 

The northern region of Trajan has several mountain ranges that span thousands of miles with peaks that go as high as 8,000 feet. The valleys are lush and fertile with forests and natural resources that made its settlement almost easy. Winters are long and harsh, but summers are warm and bright with a more than adequate growing season that makes for full storehouses.

The next largest continent is Palmyra located mostly in the southern hemisphere. Palmyra also has four full seasons, but one third of the land is desert and makes for a very harsh existence. The southern region is flat and full of tall forests and deep caves. Cutting out an existence here was much harder but its inhabitants, the ones who stayed are happy with their choice.

The smallest continent, Valerian, located in the center of the planet sits in the middle of the largest ocean and has a year round tropical climate. Surrounded by smaller populated islands, constant skirmishes between its inhabitants are a cause of its more war like population.

The star ship captain and leader of the refugees, Trajan Langdon, and two of his generals Neil Palmyra, and Kane Valerian, take on the governance of the settlements. 

Divergent climates and topography make up each of these continents, but even with the same number of people, supplies, technology, and governing rules, each nation grew independently of the other and in 3036 are now vastly contrasting realms.

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I have never built a world before but this blog challenge is a wonderful opportunity. My thanks to Sharon Bayliss, for providing this exciting task.


  1. It is always fun to read about a make-believe world. Since my books are set in the real world, I don't make up a lot. While I do strive for accuracy and reality, I do change the names of some places, especially those where murders happen. Some businesses would rather not be the site of a brutal murder. (smile)

    1. Thank you Maryann, I started out by finding a galaxy with a star and then created the planet choosing a name, just as they choose the names of the other planets.

      Then it really starts to get fun!

      Thanks for stopping by, I think murder and mayhem is definitely possible here! :)

  2. Ooo, the sci-est of fi. :) This is really interesting. I've been doing urban fantasy/steampunk lately but haven't done pure sci-fi in a while. I should dig out my '04 NaNo to work on it.

    1. Go for it, it really opens the imagination and the possibilities.

      Love this writing thing! :)

  3. Sounds like a cool place to visit. Looking forward to the other posts.

    1. The other posts, and I mean the ones by the other participants are absolutely AWESOME!

      Such fun!

  4. love the names! and can picture each continent! great job!

    1. Tried to stay with a theme and pronounceable names.
      Roman Gods, Goddesses and Generals


  5. Sounds very cool! I look forward to hearing more.


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